Sunday, July 27, 2008

If I spent all this time running instead of reading I'd be a size 2

Thanks for all the awesome book recommendations! Right now I'm about halfway through Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. I'm honestly not that into it, but it gave me something to do during the 2+ hours it took to put the kids to bed tonight.


It drives me absolutely bonkers that they will lay down at Dawn's and take a two hour nap with no shenanigans - no reading, no snuggling, no "rub my back," or "rub my foot." They lay down, alone, on mats, and they sleep. At home we have to go through a circus act of bouncing and rocking and singing and shushing and reading and rubbing (and MG takes my fingers and shows me how she wants her back rubbed, because apparently I don't do it right anymore, until I say, "I am DONE, just go to SLEEP!"). Talked to Mom today and she says this is normal, and that they're not just doing it to drive me insane, but I'm not entirely convinced that I believe her.

Dad got my S.O.S. e-mail earlier, and though it was too late to come over and take the kids away, he did leave ice cream in the freezer (rocky road - excellent!) and promise to come over and make purple chicken for dinner tomorrow.

I am intrigued. Dad's cooking repertoire generally consists of peanut butter and microwave popcorn. I asked him how he gets the chicken to be purple, but he said it's a chef's secret. Google was no help.

To be honest, as long as I don't have to cook it, I don't care what color the chicken is!

I think I'm cranky because I've been having trouble sleeping. I've had to take Unisom the last two nights, because I just lay there, wide awake, looking at the ceiling until 1:30 or 2 am. The neck pain thing that I saw the chiropractor (or "back quack," if you're BJ) for isn't noticably worse at night, or when I'm lying down, so I don't know what my problem is. I get tired, but not sleepy. I don't make any sense, but thank God for Unisom otherwise I'd have been a real peach today. Can an overdose of zucchini make one sleepless?

Nighty night, internets. I hear the siren song of the Unisom, calling me upstairs. A big day of laundry and gymnastics tomorrow. It just doesn't get much more exciting than this!!


Jen said...

Seriously. Try melatonin. Occasionally I can't sleep (usually about once a week or so) and I'll take one for a few nights in a row to kind of "jump start" my natural pattern so to speak. It's cheap, you won't feel tired the next morning, it's non habit forming, and it's natural to boot.
Just my 2 cents...
BTW, I want zuchinni bread...

Christy said...

ooh purple chicken. Red wine maybe?

Rocky road sounds even better though. what a good Dad.

Anny M said...

I'm curious... let us know about the purple chicken. BTW zucchini bread looks great!

Anonymous said...

The purple chicken is an old family recipe that has been in my family since last week!! It is something I made up but on very good authority was told it was delish! For a nominal fee (pay off my Visa bill) I will let you into the family and share the secret.