Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roasting Myself, part Deux

My beautiful friend Karen is hosting a farm tour for the conservation group she works for, which means that she's got bus loads of farmers and farming enthusiasts, like people who work for the EPA and whatnot, coming to Indy to go on a tour of several farms in our area. This is a huge event for her organization, and one of her key people is about 13 months pregnant... So I volunteered to help.

I'm headed down to Indy tonight to help out with the prep work, and then tomorrow morning we're going to load everyone on buses and drive them all over the countryside looking at compost (nope, I'm not kidding) and other exciting stuff. They're going to be working from 8 am - 8 pm, but I'm bailing on them and heading home between noon and 1 pm tomorrow, because I'm a lightweight.

Of COURSE it's going to be a million degrees tomorrow. I'm so sunburned I can't wear a bra, already, and I'm going to be out all day in the heat and the sun, loading buses and dragging coolers and helping. Yikes!

I have two different kinds of Solarcaine in my bag, and a whole bottle of ibuprofen. Oh, and sunscreen - sunscreen that I can spray on my back by myself, if necessary.

So, I'm going to add insult to injury tomorrow. I'll post then, if I can still type!


Anny M said...

Oh, Amy, I feel for you! I spent a summer with my cousin in Iowa (coincidently also named Amy) and was terribly sunburnt! All I remember is my aunt spraying Solarcaine and putting cold wet towels on my back. Good luck tomorrow!

Jen said...

Ok. So solarcaine with aloe and lidocaine is the only thing so far that hasn't sent me into orbit. My burn is actually bleeding today. Uhg. Actually, solarcaine and witch hazel pads. Yeah, the ones you wipe your fanny with when you have a really bad hemmheroid. Not sure if that spelled right - never really had to spell it I guess. Anyway, I'm laying the pad right on my chest and leaving it there till it dries. It actually feels really good, too. The vicodin is helping too, I guess.

Rob Monroe said...

I was so sunburned one summer while visiting my mom that I could not eat for 24 hours. Yeah, it was bad. What I felt the worst about was messing up three days of the two weeks a year I got to see my baby sister. :o( I'm much better about sunscreen now.

The spray stuff is great in my opinion. (Anny M up there might disagree, but too bad.) I put my sunglasses on and shoot my face so that I really don't need help from anyone!