Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is turning into one of those days

Claire is sick - she had a fever of 103 yesterday. I think it's probably just a cold, but she's got a heck of a cough and a runny nose.

My dad is in the hospital. He is fine, but thought he'd had a heart attack. He had a quadruple bypass 3 years ago, and he's a cardiac nurse, so he isn't kidding when he thinks things like that. The cardiologist thinks it was just that his blood pressure was too high, and it caused his heart to go, "Um, Bob? KNOCK IT OFF," for a while. He said he feels fine now. He's having a stress test later today. If you know my dad, don't bother trying to call him because he left his cell phone at home and he needs to sleep - he'd been awake for 30 hours when he called me about an hour ago. Call me if you want details (although I won't have any until this evening).

Edited to add: I don't know any more than this right now. 1:45 pm

I'm probably going to get in trouble for blogging that - he only wanted me to tell my brother and sister. Oh well.

And finally, something's wrong with me. Not to get into too much detail, but having my Mirena removed is causing some side effects that are troubling. I was so weak last night, I couldn't even write the blog post I'd planned about the 10 tons of dirt we had delivered and how we were like the Willy Wonkas of the neighborhood - attracting the children to our river of chocolate, except it was mud, and how none of the parents in the neighborhood probably like me anymore after I sent their kids back to them covered (literally covered) with mud. So, anyway, I'm going to go have some blood drawn at lunch time, when BJ can stay home with the kids, and figure out what is up with my angry, angry uterus. You KNOW I feel like hell when I can't check my e-mail. Very few things keep me from my e-mail. That was a red flag, right there.

Edited to add: My CBC came back normal. If this is what normal feels like, then I don't want to know how I'd feel if I felt crummy, because seriously - bleurrrgh! I think I'm going to call Shannyn's mom - she's a midwife and may have more helpful advice for me than I'm getting from the Medical Establishment. They haven't given me a single suggestion for how to make myself feel better - I've tried vitamins (multi, E), minerals (Iron), hydration... The best they can offer is "take some ibuprofen." I think the next person to say "take some ibuprofen" is going to have a bottle of it flung at their head. Seriously.

Maybe I'll call the Mirena people directly, because I think it's negligent that they don't have any "what to expect when you get this bad boy taken out" information in their literature (and I have read both the physician's and the patient's info, it's NOWHERE). The best I can find is anecdotal evidence in online forums on websites like (ok, I made that one up, but I'm not going to link to the scary forums lest some other poor woman happen to find my blog by searching for "Mirena evil side effects" and then click through and scare the crap out of herself too), which is neither fair nor balanced, nor good for the ol' crazy train. I mean, I start reading stuff like that and I've mentally got myself admitted to the imaginary hospital and having an imaginary emergency hysterectomy, right? And it would be really, really nice if the people who make the damn thing would just say, "Hey, love, that's normal, don't sweat it," SOMEWHERE in writing so I don't have to read the online scary freakin' forums. Honestly, is that too much to ask?

And BJ's going on a last-minute business trip. Tomorrow. He'll be back Thursday. Creepy stalker types who take advantage of his absence to show up here will be cheerfully fed to the dog. (I normally don't post that he's going to be gone until he's back home).

I finally broke down and called my mom this morning and said, "I NEED HELP." She'll be here this afternoon.

Edited to add: After I stopped panicking, I cancelled Mom. I can handle it. I'll just keep repeating, "I think I can, I think I can..." After all, according to my bloodwork, I'm fine. So there's no reason why I should feel weak and crummy and like I'm going to pass out, and there's no reason why I should see spots in the shower, and there's no reason why I could barely move off the chair last night, why getting the kids to bed exhausted me, and why I woke up tired even after 10 hours of (frequently interrupted - I do have a sick kid here) sleep.

By 10:30 am my entire day was a disaster. Not cool. Not cool at all.

At least the weather's nice. *sigh*

(This is going to be the last post I put on this blog - I'm just going to keep updating this one and putting updates in different fonts and typefaces to differentiate the updates, because that won't be confusing at all!)



Heidi said...

Ooh, and it's Monday... not good. Hang in there - help is on the way. Literally.

I'd offer to take the kids, but the drop off might be somewhat problematic. That, and you don't know me from Eve...

Here's hoping you all feel better soon!

Cate said...

Could it be all the work with dirt? I know I do not feel up to par my first foray out into the spring world with lots of physical activity after a winter snuggled in the house.

Could it be something in the dirt? Where did it come from? Is there pesticide residue in there? Was it treated with anything? Though it would show up in your bloodwork if there were, so that kind of cancels that out.

It just seems linked to have 10 tons of dirt delivered and then feeling weak and tired?

I have sworn off hormone things. They are more trouble than they're worth! :)

Have the T-shirt said...

Well, I think your body is clearly telling you to take it easy, so don't overdo just cause you feel like you "should" be able to.

My first thought was regarding infection?

Susan K said...

Might be unrelated to Mirena. Mono perhaps? I'm pretty sure that doesn't necessarily show up in a standard CBC.

Anonymous said...

Since removing the Mirena means doing without the hormone dose the Mirena was providing, I'd think it could take up to 2-3 months or longer for your body to settle down and adjust to the change. Did you have problems adjusting to the Mirena when you got it? I presume you've already talked to your GYN or your GYN's nurse practitioner. Personally, I couldn't tolerate such devices because I had an allergic reaction to the plastic component.