Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Blooded

We first suspected that Claire was a little weird when her Daddy had a bag of "Buffalo Ranch" flavored Doritos, and she kept crying, "Chip! Chip!!" This must have been 6 months ago, she was about 18 months old. Finally, after trying to explain that she wouldn't like them, we gave her one.

She ate it, then said, "Chip! Chip!!" again.

Yesterday we had chicken nuggets. BJ got out the buffalo sauce. "Dip! Dip!!" she cried. We said no. She got more insistent. I pointed out that since she likes - no, loves - the Buffalo chips, maybe she'd like the sauce.

Not only did she like it, she was dipping the chicken and then licking the sauce, straight, off of the nuggets.

I'm pretty sure that I have the only spicy food loving 2 year old in the world. Are we just the only ones brave (dumb?) enough to try feeding this stuff to our toddler? We've always been that way - MG teethed on pickles, when she was really small, maybe 6 months old.

What's the weirdest thing your kid loves to eat?

In other news, our kitchen is a disaster area. I got a new faucet and garbage disposal, and a filtration system that goes under the counter, which will be nice. Well, when we got everything open we realized that the channel that holds the screws so that your sink doesn't rise out of the cabinetry was broken, so we couldn't just replace the clips - we had to replace the entire sink. We're five, maybe six trips to the hardware store into this project right now. BJ skipped work today to finish it (hooray for self-employment!). I have learned that I have mad plumber's putty skillz. I also have the sense of humor of your average 12 year old boy, and should not be allowed around "caulk," like, ever.

It's going to be really fabulous when BJ gets it done, though. It's one of those faucets that has a built in sprayer, which will make just about everything easier, cleaning wise. It also has two different spray patterns - one like a regular faucet and one more like a shower head, only smaller of course. We made sure we still had a tap hole for our hot water tap, because I couldn't live without that. The disposal will be much quieter, which will be terrific. I think the clips/channel on the old sink failed because the old disposal shook the cabinets like crazy when I ran it. And it vomited on me. That was charming.

We've had pizza, donuts, and Noodles, I guess we'll get Chinese for dinner. What's going on with you this Monday?


RobMonroe said...

Abby would eat pickles for three meals and countless snacks every day, if we would let her. Tonight, actually, she was refusing turkey casserole, so she got a gherkin. Last night was a dill with dinner.

Pickles are awesome!

Uh oh - I hear a poopy diaper being yelled about. Must run.

Heidi said...

My eldest likes spicy and sour foods too. The only Chinese food he likes is the spicy sesame chicken. I've been told by other parents that kids have a much higher tolerance to spicy/sour foods than we give them credit for. So far, this is only true with the big guy - little girl still only eats bland, beige food. Grrr.

Cate said...

Esther loves lemon slices as most of us would eat orange slices -- it makes me pucker just to look at her eating them. I remember our reaction was much like yours when she first asked for the lemon out of the water at the restaurant -- then we fell over in shock when she wanted more! :) But, you know, she's growing out of it. She's getting pickier by the day, though she's still a great eater.

Anne LeMar said...

My son (now an adult) used to eat minced garlic, straight out of the jar. It still makes me shudder. But he loved it when he was 2 or 3 or so.

Anne in Memphis

tamily said...

So funny, our 17-month-old girl seems to love spicy food. Her daddy is Indian, and when he/we cook hot dishes, I'm always super anal about making sure none of it touches her lips. Lately I've realized it doesn't even phase her - she actually loves it! She has a terrible appetite anyway, and allergies too. Now I'm thinking spicing things up a bit might make her more interested in eating....

Anonymous said...

You're gushing about spray patterns from the nozzle -- must run in the family.

Anonymous said...

One does not eat "buffalo chips."

dawtch said...

My boy absolutely refuses to eat beef. Ever. For any reason. And don't try to sneak it past him, he'll know, every time. Before taking a bite. Hot dogs..? Not happening. But he does dip his chicken nuggets in his chocolate pudding - actually got in a tiff with Mamaw & Papaw when they watched him the other day (a miracle in & of itself...).
I say if he likes it, let 'im eat it :)

ML said...

In my excitement, I packed everything my mother would need for her surprise RV trip but forgot to pack 'baby' food for M who was within a week of turning one. At the rest stop, I made my mother's sandwich and while I attempted to find baby M something to eat, she asked if she could let her try a bite of the sandwich. Baby M ate an entire liverwurst & provolone on marble rye with wasabi mayonnaise and never had baby food again. At 7, she'll eat mussells, crab legs, Thai, Chinese, Mexican - anything but chicken nuggets!