Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kathryn!

It's my aunt Kathryn's birthday today! She's one of my most loyal readers, and I hope she has a super-de-dooper-de-booper-de-day (I've been reading too much Seuss).

The past couple of days have been kind of a whirlwind. My dad took me (just me) out for supper on Wednesday night. We had a great time, and somehow ended up at the bookstore, I can't imagine how that happened. Dad got a book about World War II that I'm going to borrow when he finishes it. I was very good and didn't buy anything, although I did get a couple ideas for books to get on my Kindle.

Cathie came down from Grammaland for a FB playdate - hadn't seen her in 13 years, and we reconnected on FB. Of course she came for open gym, then we went to lunch with our kids, then we came back to my disaster area - uh, I mean - my house. The kids played really nicely together (she has a four year old boy), and we got to really talk. It was great.

BJ came home to get the kids for gymnastics, and Brandon arrived at 6:30 for our "date" - ha ha, am I the only person on the planet dating her husband's best friend? We just happen to be a lot alike, which doesn't surprise me considering that BJ is close with both of us, and we always have interesting conversations. I needed to pick his brain about the book I'm writing (SQUEEEE! I actually have real words written down on actual paper, and in the computer, and a real idea that I think is unique enough to pursue, and interesting enough to keep me interested beyond the fourth page - which is where I usually run out of steam. Oddly, it has nothing to do with kids). Then we went to see the live satellite broadcast of This American Life at the movie theater, which was excellent. I laughed, I cried. It was lots of fun.

Today BJ let me sleep late (seriously, do I have the best husband on the planet or what??), which made getting MG ready for school kind of a crunch. Claire was funny this morning. She wanted Doritos for a snack (why not?) and I gave her a small measuring cup full. She finished it and wanted more, and she said, "More Mommy!" put her cup on the floor, pointed to the bag, and said, "Dump it!"

Needless to say, my house is still a disaster, although I did get enough done that Allison can come today and I won't feel like a total pig. I think I'm going to offer her a bonus if she gets the toy room under control. We have a truckload of dirt (10 TONS of dirt) coming this afternoon, so I'm going to have plenty to do this weekend. I can't do it all, right?

Of course, she has finals to study for.... Maybe the toyroom can just be a disaster for the next, oh, who am I kidding - 18 years!

I've been tagged for a meme by Priya, but I'll have to save that for later. I'm also working on a follow up to my religion and morality question from a while ago - I've gotten lots of interesting comments both here and on FB, as well as private e-mails (which I have totally read, but not responded to, yet... Sorry, I'm lame.). It's cooking in the back of my head somewhere.

In the meantime, be awesome to each other. Have a fabulous weekend!

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Cathie said...

If having some toys scattered about equals a disaster, then I am in BIG trouble! Seriously, Amy, your house was fine. Good luck with the mountain (if I called it a mole hill would you feel better?) of dirt.