Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 Friends

You are my 5 friends. Register. Vote. If you have to (*cough*Allison*cough*) fill out the paperwork NOW so that you can vote absentee.

Never before have we, as a nation, faced so many challenges. Never before has it mattered the way it matters now.

Let's say you're, oh, let me just pull something out of nowhere here, a college student. And you don't think that your one little vote matters much. But let's say all the kids on your campus of maybe 40,000 people feel the same way, so they don't vote either. And the kids at the other schools in the state don't vote, now we're up to hundreds of thousands of votes - a number that can make a real difference. Your voices matter. This is your future we're talking about here. All the people who got us into this mess are going to die long before the problems they caused are fixed. But you have the power to fix it. We have the power to fix it.

What if you're a mom, like me? Then we're talking about your kids' futures, and what is more important than that?

Register. Vote. Vote absentee if you need to. But make your voice heard. Be a part of the process. Because you don't get to complain for the next four years if you don't vote, and things get worse.

Vote. Vote. Vote. Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Do it for all of us. Do it because thousands and thousands of men and women have given their lives so that you could go to the polls on November 4 and make your voice heard. It matters to them. It matters to me. It matters to everyone.

Vote red. Vote blue. Vote purple. I don't care what you vote, but you must, must, must vote. You matter. We all matter. Now, more than ever.

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