Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Mobile Office

Claire and I had lunch with a friend, and she fell asleep in the car (Claire, not the friend) on the way home, so I ran inside and grabbed my laptop, and I am now typing to you, live, from my driveway.

God, how I love technology.

Mary Grace is a total punk. We've really been struggling to get her to go to bed on her own, in her room. Our routine has been bath, jammies, brush teeth, read two stories, then Daddy dances with Claire until she tries to roll out of his arms and he lays her down, shusshes her, and she goes to sleep, and I lay down and snuggle with MG until she's asleep. Sometimes she takes upwards of an hour to fall asleep (melatonin helps, but with this cold we've been giving her Benadryl, and we don't want to totally knock her out, so we've held back on the melatonin...). Sunday night, BJ had her asleep 3 times (because I was so. done. oh. my. God), and three times she woke herself up when he tried to sneak out of her room... So, we set up a star chart where if she falls asleep on her own (I'll snuggle with her until Claire is asleep, but then BJ and I are both leaving the room) 7 nights, and if she sleeps all night in her own bed for 7 nights, we'll buy her a friend for her Cinderella doll.

Last night, though, she was at my mom's, and apparently the little cretin fell asleep by herself in a STRANGE BED in less than 10 minutes, with no farting around.

I told my mom, "You can just keep her."

Seriously, I understand WHY they save their best behavior for when they're away from home, and I'm glad that she's being good for Gramma, but could a Mommy and Daddy get a little love? Honestly. I have spent months of my life trying to get that girl to go to sleep. It's just so unfair!

I miss her though. It's weird to not have her around, and I don't think I'm going to last much more than one more night before I want my babybackbabybackbabyback...

I guess if she's going to be extra special good, I'd rather have her be extra good for her grandparents and the assorted sitters and other caregivers in our lives, so that everyone else thinks we're spectacular parents. We know the truth.

Mom and Mary Grace are going to get gear for her new intro to ballet and tap dancing class today. I can't wait to see her tiny little ballet slippers. That's going to be Grandma's Christmas present to Mary Grace this year. Awesome!

If you need gift ideas for the 3 year old girl in your life, I humbly suggest anything princess, especially the princess Barbie dolls... Anything dress up... Anything with kids' music (because she's trying to drive me insane with that kids' music!!)... She is at a really fun age. (Incidentally, she wears a 4T and size 10 shoes (toddler).

The other big news that I don't think I shared yet is that she got promoted to the 4&5 year olds gymnastics class, even though she's only 3 years, 2 months old! She is such a good listener and direction follower that the owner, Sarah, said that she's ready to move on, and that the new, longer class will keep her challenged and engaged. AWESOME!

Once again, though, can we get a little listening and direction following at home? *sigh*


RobMonroe said...

Wow! She's progressing awesomely!

Abby will not go to sleep on her own, and we're finally back up to a few hours at a time in her own bed. Argh. In about another week I'm enforcing tough love when the lights are out.

(Big talk only, you understand. I'm married. To someone who does not necessarily agree)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy...have you heard of the Rockaby Baby music? It's your favorite artist (Green Day, Metalica, Cold Play, U2) set to a lullaby tune. Of course that may not work if you're not looking for lullabys (lullabies? neither looks right), but it works like a charm with Marcus and thankfully is NOT the wheels on the bus or something else equally annoying. :)