Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ways you can share photos

Did I mention that my camera died before the ceremony, and I didn't get a single photo after about 3 pm on Saturday?


It probably would've been tacky for me, the MoH, to stand up there snapping pictures, anyway, but still.

Here are a few ways you can share your photos with me, so that I can stop obsessively hitting "refresh" on Ed's website...

Facebook - be my friend! If you can get the uploader to work, it's really fast. Even the manual uploader isn't too bad. (If you don't know my real name, email me. Assuming that you don't sound like a stalker, I'll probably go ahead and give it to you).

Picasa Web Albums - I enjoy Picasa, but BJ thinks it's a virus. The web albums are really easy to use, and you can choose how public you want the pictures to be (or not to be...) ((that is the question)).

Shutterfly - almost all of our family photos are archived on Shutterfly. This was a real godsend when I killed a harddrive when Claire was about 4 months old and lost everything. Thank God those photos were uploaded, or we wouldn't have any baby pictures of either of our kids. We're really bad at printing. You can set up shared folders on Shutterfly, too.

Oosah - I'm still investigating Oosah, but you get a free terabyte of storage (that's 1,000 gigs, right?? Damn...). There are sharing options, but I haven't fully explored them, yet. My charger died before I got deeply into it.

If you have pictures from The Wedding that you want to share with the rest of the class, upload them somewhere and leave instructions in the comments on how to get to them. Bonus - when Megan and Trey get back, they'll be able to come here and find all their pictures in one shot. Double Bonus - I can haz pictures!! Triple Bonus - I will give you all kinds of blog props if you have taken an awesome picture and I post it on Ye Ol' Blog.

It's really a win-win-win situation. So get busy, because I am dying here! I need pictures (MOM! Ahem...).

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