Sunday, October 26, 2008


I may have mentioned a time or two that our roof leaks, right? Mary Grace and I were upstairs sleeping, and BJ and Claire were outside just a few minutes ago. There's a cold front blowing in, so it's super windy... The wind blew the tarp, and a couple of the bricks, off the roof.

The what ifs can break your heart, as a parent. What if Claire had been hit? What if BJ had been hit, knocked out, and Claire was left outside all by herself while I slept, oblivious, upstairs? What if the three or four bricks that are right outside the window of the room where we were sleeping had come in and hit Mary Grace, hit me? Yikes.


I'm investigating SparkPeople. So far, I'm really liking it. Friends of ours who shall remain nameless, unless they want public recognition, are married and have each lost around 20 pounds. I'm going to try to stick to it for a whole month. We'll see...


Sarah M. said...

I love Sparkpeople!! Keeps me accountable. Haha.

B.J. said...

I seriously doubt the bricks would have even broken the glass since I'm pretty sure that the tarp just drug them off the roof.

But, yes, the "what ifs" are very scary. We are very fortunate that we were not hurt, especially considering where the bricks landed relative to Claire.