Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In The News

Dear Angelina,

Keep on rockin' the boobies, girlfriend. You've done more for the cause with one photo than I've done in 3 years of bitching and moaning on this blog. You rock, and I totally forgive you for all the vial-of-blood-around-the-neck-French-kissing-your-brother stuff.

Yours in lactation,


Dear Fellow Hoosiers,

Please stop saying ignorant things in the media. It's just not fittin'.

Yours in geographicality,


Dear America,

I propose that we bump up the election and have it Tuesday, instead of waiting until November 4. I'm beyond sick of it, aren't you?

Yours in ennui,


RobMonroe said...

I believe that I wanted to move the election to a week after the conventions. I can honestly say that I have not heard anything new that was positive since then. Nothing new that is substantial.

Susan K said...

And here for all those years as a LLL leader, I taught moms to pull their shirt up from the bottom instead of down from the top.
I think it's awesome she is nursing. :-)