Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Engineering Gene

We're watching the Imagination Movers so that Mommy can check her blogs, and Mary Grace says, "Mommy, let's take the glass off of this TV so the Movers can hold my hand!"

It's only a matter of weeks before I find one of my kitchen appliances on the floor in pieces because she wanted to figure out how it works.  This is one of the hazards of reproducing with an engineer.


We went to Grammaland yesterday to help put together favors and menu cards for Mimi's wedding.  Tev came over to do a fitting on my dress.  Gramma made snacks.  It was a lot of fun.  We laughed a lot.  Mom and Mimi got into a heated discussion over whether the ribbon should be one length or another - and I said to Marie, Megan's step-mother-in-law-to-be, "Isn't the police report going to be funny, when we have to explain why the bride strangled her mother with a length of silk ribbon..."  

It was a long day for me, though, because I was up until 1 am the night before, and the girls decided to wake up for the day at 5 am.  I don't know why they sometimes decide to have a Torture Mommy Tuesday.  I'll tell you what, though, it was a looong drive home, with the girls both sleeping in the back, at 11:30, trying to keep my eyes open until I pulled into the driveway.  
We would've spent the night, except Mary Grace was Student of the Day today at school.  She was responsible for bringing snack and a show and tell (I sent her with our photobook from our trip to Washington DC).  The teacher asked me where I'd found the Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels (Kroger) so I must have done ok with that and apple cider.  

This preschool really prepares the kids for Real Life.  When you're "honored" with the title "Student of the Day," you actually get more responsibility than you have any other day - you have to be the teacher's special helper, bring snack, etc.  Congratulations!  Now get to work!

It's a good thing I signed her up for morning preschool instead of afternoon, because snacks are healthier (pretzels or Goldfish instead of cookies and cupcakes).  I was tempted to do something insane, like making homemade soft pretzels instead of buying a package of Mickey pretzels.  Fortunately, there was just no time, so I don't look like Overachiever Barbie.

Mary Grace got the engineering gene.  I got the "over-worrying about looking like Martha Freaking Stewart all the damn time" gene.  


adrienne said...

I worry about our refrigerator's fate as well (though my dad's the engineer and I mated with a computer geek; apparently the engineering genes can skip a generation).

3 year old Ranger's favorite video is David MacCaulay's (of How Things Work fame) Building Big: Bridges. He's thrilled to see Grandpa's windload tests on tent designs and to help anyone who picks up a screwdriver.

I feel your anxiety.

I didn't get any genes relating to Martha Stewart though. I'm a poor housekeeper and call anything burnt to char "like home cooking."

Lynn said...

So true. When my daughter was in preschool last year, I was amazed at how much pressure I felt to provide a homemade, original, kick-ass snack that all the other Mommies would envy. I really need to keep away from the PTA before I turn into some sort of SuperMommyMonster.

Brandi said...

I would love to have a school that would accept my kitchen disasters but we can only send store bought.
Stick to what's simple I say cus then when they are both in school and you have 5 gazillion cupcakes to provide for a school party you'll be so glad for the closest 24 hour store to ya! Sure beats the hell outta cooking til 2 am to get it done!