Monday, October 6, 2008

NOT Politics

Hey.  I'm still here.  I'm just feeling a bit out of sorts.  It could be because every time I sit down at the computer, Claire shows up to scream, "I want Elmo!  Song!  SONG!  LA LA LA!  I want SONG!" and then we have to play "Elmo's Song" over and over and over until my brain melts and leaks out of my ears.

Damn you, YouTube, damn you!

We went to gymnastics this morning, and then did open gym with MG's BFF Kate.  All week long, she's been saying, "I miss Kate, I miss open gym, I need to go jump in the pit with Kate!" so it was a relief to not hear that for an hour.  They were so cute, running around holding hands and playing together.  Kate is the owner, Sarah's, daughter, and she is 5 years old.  Now that the girls know their way around the gym, it's nice to be able to sit and talk with the mommies and not have to chase them around.  I am not a helicopter mom - I find it annoying and exhausting to be up their noses all the time, which explains why sometimes (like this morning) I find myself pulling screws out of their mouths (don't worry, that was at home, not at the gym).  Maybe I should pay a little more attention...

The weekend was fun.  Saturday night we went and played a game called "The History of the World" at Brandon's, and the girls played with Jane and Evan (who is Eric's son, Eric being one of the other players).  Then Sunday MG and I went to the free matinee of "Bee Movie," and made ourselves sick on popcorn and rootbeer.  The rest of the weekend was a lot of hanging out at home and relaxing.  We got a couple of Halloween projects at Target on the way home from the movies - a mix for apple bread and some brownies in a kit with decorations.  

Mimi's wedding is in less than two weeks and I'm having anxiety dreams.  I need to write a toast.  Expectations are high.  I had one all written and ready to go before they ever got engaged, but that computer died and I never recovered it.  Yikes.  Of course I haven't been able to write anything that is as good as I remember that toast being.  *sigh*

I'm sure it'll all work out.  

We really need to get together.  Our kids need a playdate (or, if you don't have kids, um...  You need to come play with my kids so I can take a nap).  I'll get out of this funk soon, I promise.  Things will be back to normal soon.  No worries.  

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