Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am Sick Of The News

Ok, debates are over, everyone take a deep breath and let's talk about something interesting...


T-minus 3 days! You have to come visit on Monday (maybe Tuesday, depends on how much fun I have and how long it takes to recover) so you can see all my pictures. There are going to be many, many pictures. I even have a cute little handbag that matches my dress so I can carry my camera. You're not going to want to miss it, so don't forget to stop by.

My girls are going to look AMAZING. They're both flower girls. I got them cute little dresses for the rehearsal, too.

I'm going to get airbrushed for real tomorrow, so stay tuned for that hilarity, too. Note to self: Wear the GOOD granny panties.

We went to a potluck for MG's preschool tonight. I always get about 85% done with my meal, at a potluck, and then I start thinking about food safety, and about how I don't have the faintest idea what the kitchens of all of these random potluckers look like, and I have no idea whether or not they would be shut down by the health department if they were a restaurant, and I start to suspect that they would, and then I realize that I already ate almost everything on my plate, and I've probably already eaten whatever creepiness might have been lurking, so I might as well finish what I took, but it totally makes it impossible to enjoy potlucks.

What's funny is that I never remember to think this in advance, and I'll load up my plate with all kinds of yummy looking things, and then sure enough, when I'm 85% done, I start thinking, "Uh oh..." and getting a little green around the gills.

Something is seriously wrong with me.

So, if I'm quiet for the next few days, it's because I'm at the Wedding of the Century. None of you will notice, though, because most of you will probably be there with me. Oh, it's going to be such fun, you are in for a real treat. You thought my wedding was awesome - this is going to make my wedding look like a pot luck! (See how I brought it all back there, that's quality writing, people. Now if only I could figure out a way to do that with my toast!!!)


RobMonroe said...

Ohh Pot Lucks. I never ever eat at them and always tell myself that it's because I'm too busy socializing. I think it might be more deeply rooted in your 85%-through realization. :o)

strwberrryjoy said...

potlucks gross me out too. i think everyone uses up iffy food & stuff that needs 2 go. i avoid them if possible....

fran said...

Have a great time at the wedding... can't wait to see pictures. October 18th is a great day. My sister will be celebrating her 5th anniversary :)