Friday, October 24, 2008


Everyone is out of school for no apparent reason, today, (unless there's a holiday I forgot, in which case, "Happy Day!" and I forgot to get you a gift...) and so after Claire's gymnastics class (yes, Claire is in the Mommy & Me class, now, once a week) we asked Kate's mom, who owns the gym, if Kate could come over and play for a while.

"Wow, your home is really messy!" Kate said after being here for about 5 minutes.

"This is a really messy home!" I just heard her say again.

Too funny. I find myself explaining to a 5 year old that we've had a really busy couple of weeks, and yes, things have gotten a wee bit out of hand, but it isn't always quite this messy... And then I remember, she's 5. It's probably a compliment.

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Brandi said...

One of Dawn's boys said that when he came over once. My response was 'well you know you have just as much crap as me just a bigger house to put it in...'
He agreed.