Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In The News

I'm just glad that Joe the Plumber is a plumber and not a gynecologist! That could've gotten really silly.

Yes, I just finished watching the debate, and I twittered it (so awesome) and I have decided who I'm voting for.

In case you wondered who the heck "Joe the Plumber" was, check it:

The bottom line, for me, is the health care plan. I think McCain's sucks, and I think Obama's is, basically, what I've been saying we should do for like 7 years. I like it when people agree with me. I also think that Obama kicked McCain's ass on education. Yeah, foreign experience is important, but these domestic issues trump foreign policy, in my book.

I'm an Obama girl. Took me long enough to decide, huh? I think I was the last undecided voter in the country. Don't worry Uncles Newt and Rush, BJ and I will cancel each other out.

It's a good thing I only have to hear about it for 3 weeks.


Aidan's mom said...

Yay!!! Welcome aboard girl! :-)

Erin said...

You were undecided?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have known for months you were going to vote for Obama. How many times have you said on here that you're an Obama girl or shared your views that are very left of mine?

I'm sorry, I'm just sitting here incredulous because I thought it was a foregone conclusion. Apparently I was very wrong. Wow.

But politics aside, I am glad we can still be friends even though we don't see eye to eye on those things. :) Speaking of friendly things, what does the Monday through Wednesday look like before Thanksgiving? We'll be home and we'd love to do lunch again! 9 Irish Bros. were great...hope they're still in business! And you get to see my baby bump! That's always fun! :D

RobMonroe said...

Joe the gyneologist would have made for a funnier interview this morning on GMA since they asked what his schedule was like today.

"well, I'm doing a Pap on old-lady-Myers at 10......"

Amy said...

Erin -

I have been undecided because while I've really wanted to buy what Obama's been selling, I was/am afraid he couldn't/can't deliver on all his promises. He's going to inherit a shitstorm, and he's almost certain to be a one-term president. There just isn't time for him to get the things done that I hope he will, and that he seems to truly want to accomplish.

McCain would be better for the business, obviously, and I think his foreign policy is stronger, but Obama's domestic policies are a LOT more in line with my own beliefs, and ultimately I've decided that the domestic stuff is more important to me and to my everyday life than the foreign policy stuff is going to be.

I think Obama was smart to pick Biden, and it shows how he's going to surround himself with smart people whose experience makes up in areas where he lacks. I think McCain was an idiot to pick Palin, and that while she did bring interesting energy to the campaign, I am very very afraid of what would happen if she were president, and I think it shows a lack of judgment (on McCain's part) that concerns me in a president.

Honestly, I'd be happy with either, for completely different reasons. A lot of the pro-Obama stuff you've read on here has been uncle baiting. :) I've said all along that I wish McCain were running 8 years ago and Obama were running 8 years from now.

Mostly, though, I'm just happy to have finally made up my mind for real. I'd rather have someone in the White House who is going to TRY to make changes that are important to me (health insurance, education) and fail, than someone who is going to try to change things in a way that I disagree with (whether he succeeds or not). Even if Obama can only deliver on 10% of what he's promising, I think we'll be better off having that 10% than we would be if he didn't get a chance to try at all.

McCain/Palin's domestic policies are just too scary.

It's too bad we can't put McCain in charge of the foreign stuff and Obama in charge of the domestic stuff. I think that would be the best of both worlds. Maybe it's time to split the presidency down those lines, because really, it's too big a job for one person, and no one can be an expert on both...

When I'm queen......

Of COURSE we want to see you when you're here. I have no idea what we're doing in November - I need to survive this weekend first. We'll probably be here, though.


Have the T-shirt said...

If you're worried about Obama's foreign policy, rest somewhat assured that he considers Dick Lugar to be one of his go to people.

Dick Lugar seriously rocks on foreign policy.

And a Hoosier to boot, go figure!

Cassondra said...

I don't know you personally, but I knew you were an Obama girl. I, however, am a McCain supporter through and through. I do not trust Obama...his politics, his friends, his promises...and I certainly don't trust him with our country and his tremendous lack of experience. That's why he picked Biden.

Erin said...

Well, I'm sure after the election and everyone's cooled down a bit, we'll be chatting with you to nail down a time to get together. :)

I found your comment about the votes you and BJ casting cancelling each other out funny. I thought my parents were the only ones who did that!

Although, my dad, a hardcore democrat will be voting for "McClain" as he likes to call him. I got to talk to Dad once about politics just to find out who he was leaning towards and he really thinks there's a better democrat out there for the job than Obama.

I think Palin would make a fine president. I agree with you that whoever is the president can't be an expert on everything and the same would be true of her. But the fact that she's run both a city and state and taken on corruption in the oil industry tells me she has some moxy and she has executive experience. You may not agree with her ideology, (I wouldn't expect you to) but I think she does have genuine leadership qualities.

Gotta go...Katelynn's playing with the remnants of her sandwich and it's ending up all over the floor. Sigh....

B.J. said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone is surprised by who you are voting for.