Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And.... We're back!

This is how we roll.

Ugh, it's a long day at the PB house when there are no intertubes to keep us busy.

Speaking of which, want to get your kid to turn off the scary freaking Doodlebops, but you don't want to read the same book over and over and over? Make Frodo do it! And if the 'net goes out again, Elijah Wood better show up at my house with Me & My Cat, or there is gonna be a riot.
Claire is in that adorable phase where she talks like an Ewok. It's recognizable as speech - it has all the intonation of speech, and she's very earnest in whatever it is that she's trying to communicate, but good freakin' luck trying to actually comprehend any of it.

She can say kitty kitty kitty. It sounds dirty, so I'm not going to write it phonetically, but we know what she means. She can also say "mama" and "dada" and "good dog." I think it's funny that both of our kids have said "good dog" as their first sentence. I guess we can rest assured that Max's self-esteem is in tact; we must call her a "good dog" a lot. There have been several things that I think she's said, like "Really?" which were probably just coincidental. It makes sense that she would occasionally doubt me, especially considering my propensity for exaggeration, but I don't think she's quite to the point of actually verbalizing it yet.

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