Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Notes from a playdate

We had a super playdate today. It made me realize that I am a total internet addict, though, and I need to write down the links I promised to share before they leak out of the sieve that is my memory...

First of all, the cool iPod thing. (For those of you who weren't at the playdate, it's a speaker that you plug your iPod into, then you zip the iPod up inside and you can let your baby/toddler cart it around and sing her songs without having to worry that she's going to chew on your iPod and destroy it). Best of all, it was FREE. It's $10, with free shipping, and if you use Google Checkout for the first time, you get a $10 credit. Hello, free. And we use it all the time. It clips nicely onto the stroller. Heh, I pimped my ride... Just follow the instructions on, and e-mail me if you have any trouble.

Second, is PaperBackSwap. Y'all, I have saved at least $400 with PBS. You post the books you don't want, and then people request them for you, and you send them via media mail (which is like $2.13 or something insanely cheap), and then when they receive it you get a credit which you can use to request a book for free from someone else. You can even add money to your account, then print postage directly from your computer, saving you a trip to the post office. It ROCKS. If you are willing to wait to get the books you want, it's a great way to save money. I would've spent $1000 on these books if I'd bought them new. ($400 assumes the used book price, but I rarely make it down to the Half Price Bookstore). Please click on the ad on the right (beneath the BlogHer ad) so that I get "credit" for referring you if you're interested in signing up.

See, now the mind colander is leaking and I can't remember what the third thing was. That's what happens when you're a mom. Oh well!

OH! The Pepsi Points. If you look inside the caps, or inside your 12 and 24 packs, there are points which you can redeem for song downloads at Just go to That's how we got all our Choo Choo Soul songs to put on our iPod to play on our speaker thing while Mommy reads books and blogs. Hahaha...

(Just in case you're wondering, I type 100 words per minute, so that's how I make time to blog, and I read while I'm nursing Claire. Oh, and my house is a complete disaster area. :) )

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Chelle said...

You are the bomb! Right after reading this yesterday I used your link for the ipod thingy and ordered one for me too! Then last night, I created an account for the paperback book swap. I'm such a follower! :-)