Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Project

As soon as I feel like getting shoes and coats on, we're going to Menards to buy seeds to start our container garden plants.

I was going to do the farm co-op, but they doubled their prices on me from 2007 to 2008. Just my luck. Technically we could afford it, but if I'm going to spend $500 a year on produce, it's going to be cleaned, cooked, and served by someone else.

So I've been reading about "square foot gardening" and container gardening and I think we're going to do some tomatoes and zucchini in the back yard. Maybe I'll do a container of herbs, too. Depends on what I find at Menards, seed wise.

Those of you who know me are laughing right now, because I have two black thumbs. I can't grow plants. Not at all. My house is where plants come to die. I have even cited this as evidence why I shouldn't be allowed to have kids... I mean, if I can't keep a fern alive, how am I going to keep kids alive. See, the problem is that plants don't cry when they want something. Kids do.

Does anyone know of a variety of crying tomatoes?

So, stay tuned to see how our garden grows. If nothing else, it'll be something to keep us busy a few times a week...

(Please leave any and all gardening tips in the comments - I need all the help I can get!!)


Jen said...

Don't do it yet. We just HAD to do the same thing, and those little plants (surprisingly) grow a LOT faster than you'd think. They soon outgrew their small container and had nowhere to go other than in the garbage. And you can't put them out till AT LEAST father's day. It was fun, planting them, though.

Amy said...

Uh oh... Too late.

Mom says that I can put them in the yard with half a milk jug over top of them if they're ready to early... Or transplant them into larger pots.

Oh, hell. It was like $2 worth of seeds. If they go in the trash, so be it.


Chelle said...

It's got to be a nesting thing...I tried the same thing the spring after Blaine was born. My brother tilled a pretty large area in my back yard and I planted green beans, broccoli, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, green peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. I tied string to little sticks and poked them in the ground running across the tilled area to have PERFECT planted rows...can you say OCD? I caged it all in with metal stakes and chicken wire to keep the rabbits out. Should have thought ahead...since I'm 5'2" and sort of had to pole vault over my "fence" to weed . The mound in the corner produced the most wonderful zucchini ever from one plant. The cucumbers started to snake along the perimeter and mimicked a vine growing up the chicken wire but also produced enough to feed my entire neighborhood. My Big Boy tomatoes and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes were awesome. Everything else was green and growing into gorgeous big plants. I pulled a few radishes and...nothing. Same with the carrots. The broccoli started flowering. Flowering? That's weird. Emergency call to grandpa who farmed most of his younger life. His response: You didn't plant in the right moon, they "went to tops". Apparently, the Farmer's Almanac is published and printed for city girls who think it would be fun to play farmer for a day (me)! It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and I would do it again. However, the Farmer's Almanac will be consulted religiously. It's fun to tell (older) people that my first garden "went to tops" and they nod and say, "you didn't plant in the right moon."