Thursday, March 20, 2008

Babies and the Big Screen

We took the girlies to see Horton Hears a Who tonight. The book is better, but isn't it always? Seriously, though, I thought they did a good job of stretching a 10 minute book into a 1:30 movie. There were some giggles for the parents. It wasn't too scary (Vlad Vladikoff could've been toned down, but he didn't seem to bother MG). Claire fell asleep. My favorite part was when Horton was chasing Vlad, and he was running up the mountain, and MG said, "Look at him go!"

She talked a little too loudly sometimes, but I did too, so what can I say? All in all, MG was very good. I think we'll be doing the free matinées on weekends when they're toddler-appropriate. I picked up the schedule while we were there.

Did you know that you get a discount at the theater with a AAA membership? I'm telling you, between the Speedway gas card where you get 4% off and the AAA discounts elsewhere, and the one tow we've already used, I think our membership has already paid for itself.

Speaking of memberships, we're headed to the Children's Museum with Heather and Amelia tomorrow. When I was talking to MG about it, she called Amelia "Melly," which I think is a great nickname for her.

So, if anyone's stalking us, now you know where we'll be.

I have a headache, so good night, folks.

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Mrs_Scotsman said...

My sister-in-law took BekahBoo to see Horton last Saturday. According to her BB sat with the popcorn with eyes glued to the movie screen the whole time. This is saying alot for a 2yo. I am so glad that it was rated G. When I first heard that it was starring Jim Carey and Steve Correll (sp?) I was worried.