Monday, March 10, 2008

Problem Solving

I seriously want to know the answer to this question - when do children typically develop problem solving abilities? What age? Because yesterday we were at Dairy Queen having ice cream, gazing longingly at the park across the street (which was covered in snow).

"I can't wait until the weather is warm and we can go to the park again," I said.
"Yeah!" said MG.
"And maybe this summer we'll take a tent and some sleeping bags and we'll go camping! We can make a fire and roast marshmallows and sleep outside under the stars," I said.
"Wow!" said MG.
"Maybe Uncle Chuck and Basha will come with us," Basha's his dog, "They love to go camping."
"And Grandma!" suggested MG.
"Well, honey, Grandma isn't very much into camping. She really likes wine, and wine is very heavy to carry when you're camping." I said this purely to get a chuckle out of BJ.
"Mommy, maybe Grandma could leave her wine at home, and then she could go camping with us!"

Is it just me, or is she not supposed to be able to do that yet?


Jen said...

Not sure if that was problem solving or not, and not that I really know for sure but I'd say wine is VERY fact, I bet it really adds to the whole experience.

Rob Monroe said...

I think it was part problem solving! Yes, grandma COULD leave her wine at home and go camping, but that would not be good for anyone involved. :o)