Monday, March 31, 2008

Feed me, Seymour!

After a weekend of neglect, I went into the office with MG before bedtime to water our plants, and behold!!!


The tomatoes are closest to the camera, and the zucchini are toward the back. The zucchini seeds were huge, so it makes sense that our little zucchini seedlings are more substantial than our tomato seedlings. I am so excited. And if all 25 zucchini plants and all 25 tomato plants survive this little experiment, I am going to be able to feed our whole town.

She is cute and enthusiastic, and I'm very glad we decided to do this. It's giving me hope that maybe I've overcome my black thumbs. Maybe the process of raising children makes raising plants look a lot less complicated and intimidating. Who knows?

In other news, The New Sonic Has Arrived!!! And it was decidedly average. As usual, the anticipation of the new thing was actually more enjoyable than the arrival of the new thing. MG and I had blue coconut cream slushes today. They were good. I think they're better in Florida, though, because it's hot there (having a frozen drink when it's only 55 outside is just silly), and because when I am at the Sonic in Florida, I'm in Florida. Oh well... Maybe I need to branch out and find my new signature drink. The cherry limeade sounds intriguing, and is a definite possibility for our next visit, now that I have the blue coconut cream slushie out of my system. What's your favorite Sonic drink?

Stay tuned - I've got a couple pictures to post...
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