Friday, March 7, 2008


I was informed today that certain parties are feeling rather put out that I'm not blogging more regularly. Sorry. I actually wrote a post last night but I just bitched about the weather, and it was so boring that I was falling asleep writing it. I figured that if I wasn't even interested and I was the one writing, you'd all unsubscribe and go read Dooce if I actually posted it, so I deleted it and went to bed.

In search of new material, we went to the Children's Museum (they're going to start charging me rent...) today. And the museum never disappoints. I always end up with new material when we visit.

We were playing with the Chihuly exhibit, where they have these big plastic doo dads in the shape of the glass pieces that are installed in the ceiling for the kids to play with. They have sculpture forms with holes for them to "install" the "glass" pieces in, and they also have holes in the walls for them to go in, too.

Well, parts of the floor are hard, and when these plastic things fall they make a lot of noise. A kid who appeared to be 4 or 5 dropped one of the pieces right next to Claire, and Mary Grace said, "Hey, kid, be careful with my baby Claire!" I didn't know what to say, I was like, "Hey, good job protecting your sister but, um, don't be bossy, and I love it that you're defending her but don't be a bully, and great job, you little weirdo."

Every child she doesn't know (and some that she does) becomes "kid" with her. She will also call groups of kids "guys," which cracks me up. A random bunch of strange children will go running through the room and she'll say, "Hey guys, what are you doing?" They ignore her, which is kind of sad.

Lately Grandpa Bob has been teaching her things, which is amusing. One thing they've started is to ask each other, "Do you have any questions?" I fully expected her to start asking this of random kids at the museum, like a tour guide or something, but she was too busy being Claire's body guard, I guess, because she didn't.

Last night after work we went outside and looked at all the animal tracks in our yard. We had dog tracks, cat tracks, and rabbit tracks. The rabbit tracks had poo, too, which was just super exciting. You see why I didn't post? Yeah.

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Other Heather said...

Hey Amy,
Yer pitchers ain't showin'.
Amelia is at Camp Grandma. I'm trying not to miss her too much.