Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekends go too fast...

I know I'm awful about posting on the weekends. It's because I'm usually off doing stuff with BJ & the kids so that I'll have something to write about for the rest of the week.

Friday I had a big freak out over my will (as in, Last Will and Testament). I have been very Calm and Grown Up and Mature and Objective and Responsible on the subject of my possible untimely demise, and what would happen to the kids if something happened to BJ and me, but once we got mine signed and notarized and mailed back, for some reason I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I called Mom and cried, "What if something happens to me? They won't even remember me! All they'll have left is a blog!"

This parenting thing is so much harder, emotionally, than I ever thought it could be. I was a worrier before, and now I have kids and I have to worry three times as much - once for me, and once for each kid. It's just awful. But, I got it out of my system, and the kids are covered if something happens. And because I'm a magical thinker, now that we've got something in writing I can rest easy that nothing will happen. It's always the stuff you never see coming that happens, right? Not the stuff you've prepared for. Well, we're prepared, now, so nothing can happen. I could probably walk right out in front of a bus and escape unscathed. Not that I'm going to try it, of course...

BJ had to work a lot this weekend, so on Saturday morning the girls and I had a playdate! Purity has forever raised the bar on playdate snacks - she had about a dozen different kinds of fresh, cut up fruit, cinnamon rolls, mimosas (!!!), two kinds of juice, and prettier china than I would ever think of letting my kids eat from at home. I told her that we'd have to wait on my turn at hosting, because my lobsters were backordered. Seriously, it was a heck of a spread. And who doesn't love a little happy hour with her playdate? (Answer: me, unfortunately, because if I drink before dinner I end up sick all day, but it was totally the thought that counted!!).

After the playdate (pictures TBP because my camera is out in the car and my shoes are upstairs and the half a glass of wine I've had has removed all my get up and go), the girls and I went to the Bed Bath and Beyond in search of an allergen barrier mattress pad for MG's bed. Every time I lay down on it, I start wheezing and getting all asthma-y. Not normal. Normally I use my inhaler a few times a year, and I've needed it several nights in a row. God only knows what's in the stupid thing, probably someone's old used odor eaters and cigarette butts instead of springs and coils. Just my luck, that's what I get for shopping the price rather than the quality. But, I figure a good mattress pad will save us. Well, the only one they had was $100, and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend half of what we spent on the mattress (which I swear to you is surprisingly comfortable, in spite of the fact that it was totally cheap) on a mattress pad. I'll wrap it in Saran Wrap first.

So, we didn't find the mattress pad, but we found a new cutting board (I only had one, and it was getting to be a gigantic PITA, so now the old one is for meat and the new one is for veg and I'm kosher) and a cute little goldfish dispenser for MG, and this awesome popcorn set that was $10 but came with a $20 gift card to the Indiana Popcorn Company, where you can buy chocolate covered popcorn, and while I have not yet gone back to buy the rest of their stock so that I can acquire vast quantities of chocolate covered popcorn, the though has crossed my mind... (Please note that my birthday is in approximately two weeks, and something along the lines of a Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack would not go unnoticed by your favorite blogger).

Right. So after dorking around at BB&B I decided that we would, in fact, go to Grammaland to see Gramma Denna. She didn't have a wedding to do, but she was home for the Sunday wedding, and so we got to hang out with her and Uncle Chuck all evening. Unfortunately, Gramma Denna and Mommy sat up way too late talking and drinking wine. I am a bit on the beaten side today.

Claire's at that magic age where she literally is doing something new every 24 hours. Today she figured out how to go down a staircase backwards so she won't kill herself. She went down the steps at Gramma's twice (and they're a challenge, because there are two landings and they double back, so you have to pivot). She was so proud of herself.

We drove home and then went to Target and Lowe's and blah blah blah I was tired and my feet hurt so we got a bucket of chicken on the way home and that was that. The only thing worth mentioning is that the girls were sitting in the back holding hands in the car on the way to Target. How cute is that? Anyone who is worried about having a second child, read that again. That, right there, is the reason why having two kids is awesome. They love each other so much.

The kiddos are in bed, I am having a glass of wine, and that was our weekend, folks. How was yours?

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