Monday, March 24, 2008

She sleeps!

So, I had to pick up a prescription refill today, and as long as we were out I figured I'd make it an outing and take the kids to the library. MG played with all the kids while Claire did her best to maim herself (falling off stairs, getting run over by rocking horse, etc.).
You can't see it at this angle, but the sign on the left says, "Parents! Keep your kids off the stairs!"

The sign doesn't say how one is supposed to do this.

This gorgeous little girl ran up to me, with MG's hand in hers, and said, "Hi, my name is Annie. I'm from Korea!" and she totally didn't believe me when I said, "This is Mary Grace. Her Aunt Jill is from Korea." She just looked at me like, "Stupid woman probably thinks that Korea is in Illinois...." and walked away.
Wherefore art thou, Annie from Korea?

After the library, we walked past the new shops that are going in across the street (a bakery, a Mexican place, and a noodle place, whatever that means...), then walked back up the side of the street where the Global Grocery is. I've been in there a couple times, and I'd met Mohammad and Abrar - the owners - and their gorgeous little girl Safia, before. They're expecting a baby boy this summer (I swear, every baby being born this summer is a boy). She's enrolled Safia at the Montessori by my house, and I invited them to stop by and try my baby carriers. Of course, I referred her to my ongoing "two under two" series, since Safia will turn two the month after the baby's born.

It takes so little to thrill the kids at this age. It's too bad it won't last. Soon they'll want cell phones.

On a whim, I invited Karen, Owen, and Cameron to come over for supper. Now I know what it would be like to have two sets of twins - MG and Owen are 3 weeks apart, and Claire is 4 months older than (and smaller than!) Cameron. It was kind of a nuthouse for a couple of hours, but it was a lot of fun!
"Awww... Do you have to leave so soon? I just found your toys!"

We got the girlies upstairs after they left, gave them a bath, got their jammies on, and MG was asleep before the end of Horton Hears a Who. I e-mailed Karen and said, "Can you guys come over every night?"

It's too bad that I don't have the energy to do this many things every day. Maybe she'd sleep. Claire was the tough customer tonight. I don't know if she was overstimulated or what. She's sleeping restlessly, too, so I'd better go sleep while I can.

Thanks for a fun day, everyone!

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Rob Monroe said...

I love when Abby gets to play with friends in the afternoon/evening. Much easier to sleep.

Unfortunately last night was a restless one. In our bed. Argh!