Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Moments in Parenting

A couple of days ago we were getting ready to leave, and MG wanted to take my so-tacky-it's-cute purple polka dotted purse. I said that was fine, but I wanted to shorten the strap on it so that she wouldn't trip and break her face. I tried explaining this, but I guess I was in too much of a hurry, because she didn't understand. When I took it from her, she hit me and said, "Mommy, you piss me off!"


It took every ounce of my parental self-control (which I obviously lack, if she's heard this phrase enough to use it correctly) to not laugh. I sent her upstairs to get her shoes so I could call my mom and laugh hysterically.

The other Great Moment recently was when we were in the car on the big highway headed up to Grammaland. Someone in front of me did something stupid, and I had to brake hard. I didn't say anything, but from the backseat we heard MG say, "Shit!"

BJ points out that it's worse that she wasn't just mimicking me in the moment - that she's heard that word so often in that same circumstance that she knows what it means and that you use it when you're braking.


Oh, and Claire dropped something the other day, and she said, "Shit," too. So, I guess that makes me a completely shitty mother. Ha.

Frankly, I plan to adopt Uncle Brandon's philosophy when it comes to swearing, which is, loosely, "I don't care if you use those words, because they're just words, so long as you don't use them around people and in situations where someone else will be offended. That means you don't say them in church or at school, in court, around little old ladies, and most importantly, you don't use them around your other parent!"

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Brandon Stenger said...

I'm so proud right now, you have no idea.

One caution though, I don't think I implemented that policy until Lu was bout nine...Jane's still on the "don't say that word, dear" policy.