Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thinking like a kid instead of like a Mom


We got Claire's birthday present on Sunday, and went ahead and gave it to her early (mainly because I absolutely hate waiting to give people presents, and once I have purchased a present I want to give it to the recipient right away, regardless of what day it is. I have no self control).

Claire didn't seem to mind.

This super-fun play structure folds down into two regular sized tote bags. How cool is that? We were going to get one of those big plastic Little Tykes playhouses, but we don't have room for it inside, and BJ said, "We're going to have to be careful of spiders if we leave it outside," which completely ruined the appeal for me. He's right, though. Our house is in a woodsy area, and our spiders are the size of small animals. Making the inside of the playhouse spider proof would require a ton of extremely toxic chemicals, and since we're trying to be all organic that would just be silly. This one, though, will fold down to nothing and provide hours of indoor, spider free entertainment. And if we really want to, there's no reason why we can't take it outside (maybe on a tarp) on a sunny day.

So, why did I call this "thinking like a kid instead of like a Mom"? One word. Balls.

The set came with 50 "magic" balls. There's nothing magical about them, they're just plastic. Well, right next to it on the shelf at Toys R Them they had a bag of 250 more balls. "50 doesn't seem like much fun," I said, "Let's get the bag of extra balls, too."

300 balls. In my house. Being thrown. Being "juggled." Rolling. Under the couch. On the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in the tub, in the car... Oh wait, this is a family blog...

The kid in me said, "WOO HOO! Balls! The more the merrier!" The Mom in me didn't even think, "Amy, you are going to be cleaning these balls up every day from now until your kids go to college." I really need to learn to start thinking like a mom.

I just wish I could figure out why they've turned Max into a space alien.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Claire is already one. It seems like just yesterday. Happy Birthday, Claire!

Other Heather said...

Oh my god I MUST get one of those. For my daughter, really. No, REALLY.

Hee hee hee...

Chicagoland Mamacita! said...

I'm f*ing Matt Damon! Totally caught the reference & laughed out loud.

Rob Monroe said...

I'm the same way with gift giving. My wife is a good "secret keeper" but I am just the opposite. I've stopped buying her gifts because we end up fighting over the idea of when to give the gifts.

What a fun toy! I probably would have opted for the extra bag of fun too!