Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love our doctor!!

So we saw Dr. M today. I love having a doctor who listens and talks to us. I never feel like he's rushing us out of the office. Oh, sure, he could be a little more liberal with the magic pills to cure what ails me (weight loss, etc.) but it's probably in my best long-term interests that he isn't. Claire was a trooper for her shots. Her weight is coming up - she has finally cleared 20 pounds - and she's staying on a nice curve for her height and head circumference. I may have to duct tape her feet together to keep her from climbing on the desk while I'm writing this, but otherwise, she's all good.

Good news - we're done with shots until she's 4!

I walk out of the office after the shots, and there is a guy sitting in the waiting room in chains! Literally!! He had a shaved head and a bunch of tattoos on the back of his neck, and he had his wrists chained together behind his back, and these big white mittens over his hands, and a prison jumpsuit, and chains between his ankles. There were two guards - one male and one female - with him. It was like walking out of a doctor's appointment to see that Hannibal Lechter was the next patient! So, I stopped to make Claire's appointment for her 2 year visit, and wrote "WHAT THE HELL?!?" on one of the reminder cards and handed it to Kathy, who does Dr. M's scheduling. She whispered, "State hospital," to me - as in State Mental Hospital.

Excellent! Not only is there a violent person in the waiting room where I'm standing with my baby, there's a violent CRAZY person who may think that this is his only chance to escape in the waiting room where I'm standing with my baby.

I said to Kathy, "Gee, that's the kind of situation that house calls were made for, don'tcha think?"

She just laughed and said, "Yeah, we'll see you in March, if he doesn't kill us all on the way out."

Exciting stuff, huh?

In other news, the roofers were just here to quote repairs on our family room roof/ceiling. $2500. Ouch. But it could be a lot worse.

Life is really expensive.

I need to get these kids down for nap before their heads explode, then I think I'm going to have some ice cream, because it's good for my sore throat...


Jen said...

What was his name? I probably know him...

RobMonroe said...

Life is indeed expensive.

Glad that you didn't get killed at the doctors office. Glad to hear that your doc's office is open to treating those who have special concerns... (okay, trying to be PC - I probably would have had the same reaction as you!)

Jenny Humphrey said...


Reading your blog today made me think of all my experiences when I lived in Michigan and worked at an OB-GYN office; which, also allowed women inmates to come in for all exams pertaining to women's health.
Well, one day, the buzz going around was that we were going to have a man that had a sex change operation get checked out, due to a botched genital/boob job.
I never seen so many women in my life want to get into that exam room to see what he/she's privates looked like.
I, frankly was just as curious, but wasn't going to trample over all the others to get the chance, but it just so happened the doctor I was working with that day, got that patient, so, yes, I got to go into the room.....It was an extremely wierd day, and I think I would've taken that room over the other rooms in which I was in this small space with women inmates, trying to take blood on junkies whose arms are messed up, and frankly, wondering if I was going to end up on that sick reality movie, "Faces of Death", where an inmate stabs me in the throat with a pencil or something.

Oh, the memories...
Now, I am just a homeschool mom!!!

Have a great day!
Jenny H.