Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Miss Malaprop

Friend Julie sent a Tickle Me Elmo (errr... Thanks... I think) and a set of wings and a purple star wand for the girlies in the mail. I opened it, and Claire wanted Elmo and MG wanted the wings, so we ignored the careful labeling. Mary Grace ran around being a "fairy" and doing "magic."

"I tricked the cat, Mommy! I'm going to trick you! Poof!"

(Her usage, while not strictly correct, actually makes a lot of sense, and shows higher-level awareness of grammar and how verbs are formed than she probably should have at age 3.)

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RobMonroe said...

That must be Abby Cadabby Gear! We had never heard of her until we got a book about her in the mail. With Abby as a baby name, we have obviously gotten more of it was the months have gone on....