Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nie Nie Auction

So, I haven't said anything about it because most of you who read this blog read it because you know me in real life, not because you're part of the whole "Mommyblogosphere" - whatever that is...  But I wanted to let you know about a cool project I kind of got involved with...

A while back, in August, a Mommyblogger named Nie Nie (Stephanie) and her husband were in a small plane crash in Arizona, which left them both critically injured and the pilot dead.  They have terrible burns, and are in medically induced comas.  Their four children are staying with relatives.

Stephanie's sister, Courtney, and a bunch of other Mommybloggers have organized an auction to benefit the young couple and their family.  The proceeds will go directly to the family to help with medical bills, child care, lost income, etc.

I donated some of my silhouettes, like the ones I did for Mother's Day, to be custom made for whoever purchases them.

Since I worked today, I totally flaked out and forgot that today was the day of the auction.  Therefore, I don't know if my silhouettes were sold today or if they'll be sold tomorrow.  I really feel like a doofus for missing it.  Hopefully I won't screw this up any further.

So, if you're interested in getting involved and helping a young family in crisis, or if you need a silhouette (or another cool Christmas gift, handmade, etc.) you might stop by the auction tomorrow at 10 am to see what's available.

I am not a huge participant in the "Mommyblogosphere" - bloggers like Dooce make $40,000 a month on ad revenue.  I've made a lifetime total of about $100 in a year plus of blogging.  Granted, I'm not in it for the money...  Most of us aren't.  We're in it for the community.  It's like a virtual playgroup, where we can bitch and moan and fight and complain and support each other and give advice and really come together when it matters.  The longer I do this, the more I realize that it's not about hits and traffic, it's about community - just like any other group that exists, whether online or in real life.  Because real people sit at these keyboards, this is real life, and when it counts, we've got each others' backs.  We all share the common bond of parenthood, and a love of writing or photography or both, and we're all a bunch of geeks.  But we're a kind bunch of geeks, and it's a nice place to be.

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