Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, and I have become THAT mom

Mary Grace was fine all day yesterday and seemed fine this morning, so we went to gymnastics.  On the way there she was singing, "I love open gym, I love the trampoline, I love the pit..." which was cute.  I knew Claire had a runny nose, but if I kept them home for every runny nose, we would never leave the house.  Well, this afternoon we got home (after a disappointing trip to Toys R Them - the birthday party is Saturday not today) and I realized that MG had a fever.  I have a bunch of garbage thermometers that I don't trust, but she's reading between 100 and 103 depending on which one I use and how hard I hold her arm down.

So, not only did I (knowingly) take a sick kid to gymnastics, I (unknowingly) took a second sick kid to gymnastics.  I am the mom that I curse at under my breath.

She seems fine, though.  Kids are weird with fevers.  A lot of times they can have a really high one and not care.  But we're taking it easy for the rest of the day.  I have dispatched Daddy to the store for juice, Benedryl, bread, and other essentials.  

We're pretty much going to be sick from now until April, so I'm just not going to spaz about it this year.  They're old enough that it's just inconvenient, not heartbreaking and scary, when they have little colds and whatnot.

Claire got Benedryl and put down for nap, because I've wiped her nose 10,000 times today.  Any excuse to give them Benedryl, really.  Even if I'd only wiped it 9,999 times, I'd still dope her up.  Mommy needs a break.

In other important blog news, I want to remind all of you that even though you read this and you feel like you've talked to me, you have not actually talked to me.  You know what's going on here (or the 1% of it that I blog) and you hear my voice in your head, but I have no idea what's going on with you.  I'm stuck in this house with sick kids, so call me, for Pete's sake!  Or show up (with your SARS mask and rubber gloves).  Bring wine.  If we drink enough, we'll kill all the germs before they can take hold!

(I got your voicemail, Amanda, this is not aimed at you.  I'll call you...  You're still at work, though.)


fran said...

As a woman who has never had kids, would you please explain something to me?

I was reading your posts about breast-feeding and how it is supposed to help your kids be so much healthier, but it seems like the girls are always sick.

I'm not trying to criticize, but as a woman that hopes to have kids someday and not sure about breast-feeding, your girls seem to be somewhat contradictory. Whereas my sister bottle-fed my niece and I do not remember N being sick nearly as much.

To me it seems like a total crap shoot... the whole breast vs. bottle.

I am just asking for some enlightenment... please :)

Amy said...

Well, there are many reasons:

1) I bitch. A lot. If I have to wipe one snotty nose, I'm like, "Damnit, the kids are sick AGAIN."

2) I take my kids freakin' everywhere. While some kids go to daycare and church, and see the same group or two of kids almost all the time, mine are all over the place (library, parks, playdates, gymnastics, relatives, outings, etc.) being exposed to tons of groups of kids all the time with tons of germs.

3) We had a well baby visit last week, and we ALWAYS get sick at those.

4) Did I mention that I bitch?

5) Breastfeeding helps prevent certain things (ear infections) but not others (rotavirus).

6) Claire's still at that age where everything goes in her mouth. In the last couple days I've pulled out paper clips, rocks, countless toys, her fingers, Mary Grace's fingers...

7) Breastfeeding is way cheaper, and if that doesn't swing you toward the lactating side, nothing will.

8) We don't know how sick my kids would be if they weren't breastfed.

9) And I probably need to quit bitching.


Baby Bunching said...

We've all done this before. Really. They seem fine. You take them out. Only to find out...they're not. Don't beat yourself up over it. You can't stay home all the time, especially with two. I hope everyone is well soon.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Hope the girls get better. I would have called (have been hostage in my house with Morgan), but Morgan thought it would be cute to put the phone in the toilet so my contacts are very limited. Good news is went to the doctor.. ran every test, drew blood, checked pee and can't find why the child is running 104 for 3 days(must be a virus she got during the last well baby check). For Fran my kids were nursed and formula fed if they are going to be sick they will be sick no matter what you do. Nursing can help put them thru collage. :) Mandy

Brandi said...

I am still catching up on your life via your blog, lol. And I have a lot of catching up to do. I would however love to schedule something to come down and visit. Maybe I'll drag Dawn down and we can have a kiddies make us crazy day! The cheaper/free-er the better! Let me know what works for you and we'll set something up. We of course have to get over H F and M first which has mutated BTW into another strain of mean ugly viral blisters. But I don't care about boogers. Between allergies, sinus issues and the colds that fly around there are always running noses. Anywho let me know and we can try to sneek down for a "REAL" visit!

Amy said...

Brandi -

I'd love it if you and Dawn would visit! Mondays work best for us. I'll get in touch with you on FB.


Kathryn said...

Don't sweat the slightly sick kid at gynmnastics - you can't always tell when their sick if they don't act sick. How about the time I took Kelly for her well visit check and found out she had a double ear infection? I didn't have a clue - she didn't seem feverish and wasn't pulling at her ears. Oh well, I recovered form the "what kind of mom are you look" afrom the Dr. in the practice that was my least favorite and got on with life. As kelly got older she would lie to me and tell me she wasn't sick so I would let her go to school,so you just can't win no matter what age they are. I will say that to this day when m,y kids are at the pediatricians (yes they even see college kids) I take in the hand sanitizing wipes and my own books/toys and if anything touches anything other than my child's hand it gets taken away and goes home to be disinfected. I wipes their hands multiple times (like everytime they touch something other than what I brought) and them was them on the way out. I didn't do this when Kelly was little and we seemed to come home with a variety of little nasties, but I wised up as whe got a little older and Ian got the "germ drill" right from the very beginning. I even wiped down the clean baby table with my own wipes and put him on a clean blanket - not their paper. He has been sick WAY less than she was. Anyway, good luck until spring!

Love ya!
Aunt Kathryn