Friday, September 19, 2008

Shutterfly ROCKS

I just got a $50+ leather 8x10 photo book for less than half price ($24 and change) using coupon codes at Shutterfly...  And folks, I have ordered and/or been given several photo books from Shutterfly, and they are extremely high quality keepsakes (especially for persons like myself who are, shall we say, scrapbooking impaired).

The coupon codes were 69AUTUMN and 68AUTUMN (but I hear they expire tonight, so sorry, you don't have much time to use them).  The first is for $10 off, and the second is for free shipping.

Y'all, if you aren't Googling "coupon code {storename}" every single time you shop online, you are wasting a ton of money.  A TON.  Get in the habit of Googling before you buy.  "Coupon Code Shutterfly" comes up with thousands of hits, and if you're patient and willing to try a few losers before you find a winner, you can save huge money.  Huge!

Go forth, and shop some more!

(I put together a photo book of pictures from our August trip to Washington DC, by the way.)
((Their new photo book editing software makes it really easy and, dare I say it?, FUN to create photo books)).
(((I am not getting paid to endorse Shutterfly, or receiving coupons or anything like that... I just really love to share good stuff I find on the web with my beloved blogdience))).
((((Blog-audience.  It's late.  I'm making up words now.  And grossly abusing parentheses)))).

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