Friday, September 5, 2008

Fridays are my Favorite Days

After the whirlwind of activities this week, it was nice to "just" have school today.  I cleaned the house quite a bit while MG was at school, much to Claire's dismay, and then we just kind of chilled after I picked her up.  It was ... calm.  Calm was nice.

Calm in the sense of not running around like crazy people, not calm in the sense of happy kids behaving happily, unfortunately.  I think I'm not the only one in this house who has had a little too much week this week, because the kids were a little, um... well, not to put too fine a point on it, but the kids were freaking awful tonight.

It was the kind of night when, as we're giving good night kisses, we say, "Tomorrow will be a better day."  I mean, they didn't set the house on fire or shave the cat or anything (not that they have access to matches and razors, I'm just tossing out a ferinstance...), but they were in almost constant trouble.  We'd barely finish fixing one screw up when they'd get in trouble again.  Mary Grace opened the bathroom door up onto Claire's foot (after being told thirtygazillionty times not to mess with doors) and we had to trim Claire's toenail to keep it from peeling off weirdly and painfully.  Claire was not amused by these actions.  Well, I look up from doing minor elective surgery on Claire's toenail, and Mary Grace is plugging things into the wall outlet in our room.  So I came completely unhinged, tossed her butt in time out, and tried to calm myself down before I dealt with her.

Seriously, let's only get in trouble one thing at a time, ok?

It was that kind of night.

So, in honor of Mary Grace's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day of Behavior, I am going to tell you some of the cute things she's said lately... so I can remember why I like her.  (Kidding, mostly...)

Out of the clear blue sky, in the car a couple of days ago, she said, "The laundry will come out of the machine and it will be clean and odor free!"  I have no idea.  We don't even watch commercials, because we DVR almost everything we watch.  Bizarre.  


We were watching Monsters Inc. and she said, "Where's Boo?"  Boo was on the screen, but she was wearing the monster costume, so I said, "She's right there, honey, but she's in disguise."  "Boo is not a bird, Mommy," she said.  "Huh?"  (think, think, think)  "Oh, honey, she's in disguise, like a costume, not in the skies..."


As I was putting her to bed tonight, "I miss my teacher."  Awwww...  I think it may have just been because her teacher has never tried to put her to bed, but still.

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Chelle said...

The part about Boo was too funny! It reminded me of the time I was watching kids at home after B was born and four-year-old little girl, Addie, was about to hit a plastic golf ball in my direction. I said, "No, no, Addie. Don't hit it toward us!" She looked all around and said, "Where's a tortoise? I don't see a tortoise!!" But I never did convince her that there wasn't a turtle in our yard!