Monday, September 8, 2008

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

In my usual weekend style, I scheduled the heck out of us this past weekend. Saturday morning I made Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes (a la IHOP) at home (which, of course, required a trip to the store, but they were gooood), then we went to BJ's dad's farm for a bit to throw sticks. Then we brought BJ home and drove up to Grammaland to spend the night at Jenny's (just the girls and I, BJ went to Brandon's for the evening) on Saturday. We had a blast watching "Movie Python" and Dennis Leary after my kids went to bed. The hour time change really makes a difference when you're 1 and a half or 3. Jenny and I were up late and then up early. Sunday morning we all went to the apple orchard, picked a peck of apples, got some awesome donuts, and drove home to get Mary Grace to the neighbor's birthday party at McDonald's. Then, after running around frantically to get dressed and straighten up the house, BJ and I went out for dinner with Paul, who I hadn't seen in 16 years (and saying that makes me feel SO old), then went to see Lewis Black at the university. (Thanks for watching the kids, Grandpa Bob!! They had a "big time" according to Mary Grace). Afterwards, while we were waiting for the parking garage to clear out, we walked over to the Union and got a drink at Fourbucks, walked up to the impressive new building on the opposite corner of campus, then walked back to our car. Of course, both the kids woke up before we got ourselves to bed, so we stayed up dealing with them. Today we had gymnastics at 10:30, then after the class at 11 the instructor let us play in "the pit" - a deep, wide hole in the floor that's deeper than I am tall, filled with 6" cubes of foam) and on the trampoline, and with whatever we wanted. It was a blast.

I am exhausted.

I'll tell you what, folks, I never worked this hard when I worked. Being a stay-at-home-most-of-the-time Mom is the toughest job I've ever had. But gosh we have fun!

The kids were really good. They do so much better when we're busy. It's being bored at home that drives them insane.

So, as a reward for really making me proud this weekend, even though we were here there and everywhere, I took them to Tuesday Morning after gymnastics today, to get them new dress up clothes.

The pictures really truly speak for themselves - enjoy!

I couldn't believe that they could walk in those shoes!!! Especially Claire. It's a wonder I don't have four twisted ankles at this house.

Mama's tiny flapper! Isn't she gorgeous? Even in sequins. And Mary Grace, too. Underneath all the spangles, she's such a beautiful little girl.

But still, we're going to look like total idiots at the grocery store.

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RobMonroe said...

Two little princesses!

I'm jealous that you got to see L Black. He's on my list of folks that I would pay to see, and it's a very short list.