Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Virus Cometh

My poor baby (Mary Grace) has been puking and feverish all day.  She's begging for toast, but she just threw up, and as badly as I want to give it to her, I know that she isn't ready to keep it down.  I gave her a sucker, instead, which lasted all of 60 seconds...  Then she went right back to begging for toast.


I hate it when they're sick.  Luckily BJ took Claire out for the evening, so I can focus on making my big girl feel better.  Send healthy vibes our way.

Illnesses like this make me feel so grateful that our kids are healthy, though.  I just don't know how other parents manage major illnesses.  If the flu is this hard, how hard must it be when they have....  I don't even dare think it.  The possibilities are too scary.  Is it weird to be grateful for the flu, because it reminds you how good you normally have it?  If so, I guess I'm weird.

Back to the trenches.  I'll keep ya posted.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

hugs and kisses and godspeed the wellness again girl! xo

RobMonroe said...

Not weird to be thankful for the flu at all.

Best thought of health headed your way.

Anonymous said...

I hope MG feels better soon! and it ends with her :) Mandy

di said...

Sure hope Mary Grace feels better very soon. I used to give the boys little sips of Coke or Pepsi to help settled their stomachs. "Old remedy that can work at the right time."
Sending healing thoughts!

Erin said...

Is Mary Grace feeling better? Sick kids suck. Not the kids, the know what I mean!