Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Gots to Get Paid

You might notice a new ad on my humble little page here.  It's called YouData.  Click on the link over there (under "followers").  Don't be scared.  You can make money.  I can make money.  We can all make money together.  Isn't that a great idea?  Think of it as a little high tech tip jar, and if you like what you read here, click it!  If not, leave a comment.  That seems to be a popular activity these days.  Hee...

I've been signed up (as a viewer, not a blogger) for about 24 hours, I've watched 6 little ads, targeted to people like me, and I've already made $1.50.  If I do that every day for a year, we'll be able to afford Max's surgery in... 6 years.  Ok, need a new plan for that one.  But seriously, I need a new roof, and new carpet, and I have to repair my home security system's knee, and You, Adored Reader, can be a part of all that by simply clicking a couple times, watching ads, and getting paid yourself.  You can also give some or all of the money you receive for ad watching to charity.  How nice is that?

So give it a click and sign up.  Then, when you're here anyway, you can click and make a little change for yourself.  Maybe support your Starbucks habit or fund your kids' 529 accounts.  And if everyone who stumbles through my little corner of the web hits it every day, you can make a big change for the PrettyBabies.  

You know I love you, and I'd do this for free, right?

(You need a PayPal account, by the way).

I do love you.  Thanks!

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