Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting News!

Well, now that all our ducks are finally in a row, I can reveal our big news!!

BJ has been offered a very lucrative job in China, and we'll be moving in two weeks to Beijing! I haven't said anything to anyone - not even my family - because it was a highly secretive negotiation process (aerospace is like that). Last night, though, they came to an agreement on salary, and we'll be leaving really soon.

I'm really excited about this, even though it's a huge step in our lives. For one thing, I think the kids will really benefit, growing up in a culture so different from our own. Also, since BJ will be making ridiculous money, I'll be able to stay home with them full time, and take them to all sorts of interesting historic events and places. My step-mom's brother and his family live in China, too, so it's not as though we'll be totally alone.

I have about a zillion things to do, so you may not hear much from me over the next few weeks, but rest assured that as soon as we're settled, I'll update you on all of the huge changes in our lives.

很快再见 (that's "see you soon")


Jen said...

You're such a bullshitter. Nice try. I know what today is.

di said...

You had me for a moment. I reached for the phone and then remembered!

Heather said...

Oh, dammit. I cannot BELIEVE I fell for that. Clearly, I should go back to bed, or eat some more chocolate, or something.

You... stinker.

purityspring said...

OMG - I almost bought that one! Geez - I have been so proud of myself for "getting" everyone today - but you out did me big time!

Chicagoland Mamacita! said...

I'm a sucker...I was like, oh no - my new blogging friend is leaving the country. I hope she still blogs - this advice on two is priceless! And then I remembered...what today is.

Not Blonde (honest),

Anonymous said...

At least you will be there during the Olympics! April Fool to you as well.