Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Which I Apologize to the Entire Midwest

Remember how last week it was 75 and sunny and gorgeous? Yeah. And now it's freezing?

Sorry. Totally my fault. I planted flowers before Mother's Day, and called down the wrath of the weather gods.


Here's a picture of the girlies at the park, so that we're all clear on what we're missing:

Don't let the long sleeves fool you. We were roasting. MG was teaching C how to roll down the hill. It was too funny.

So, sorry Midwest. All my fault.

And now we know why I live with crushing, debilitating guilt. Because everything, even the weather, is my fault.


BOSSY said...

Bossy loves having someone to blame. Thank you.

Momo Fali said...

Dang it! I knew it had to be someone's fault. Here I thought it was mine, because I put all the patio furniture out early.

Have the T-Shirt said...

I knew it wasn't MY fault, I haven't washed my car or planted flowers or anything.

Glad to know who to throw rotten veggies at :P

Rob Monroe said...

HEY! Amy! For crying out loud. You know that the weather you get comes east in two days, right? It always works like that. I just checked an see that we are going to be hit with 40 degrees again. Why oh why!?!

(kidding, of course. I would like the record to show that I have neglected my garden planting thus far to avoid such tragedy!)

Mimi said...

Cover your plants! Indy is on a freeze watch tonight through tomorrow morning.

Barbara said...

I KNEW it was your fault! Hahaha :)

Rob Monroe said...

This just in - - - Freeze warning tonight in our area. :o)