Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ha ha...

Ok, smarty pantses, you're right, we're not moving to China. But I thought that putting "pretty babies" in Chinese characters (gotta love Babelfish) in the header was a nice touch, didn't you?

Mom's response was the best, "I didn't buy it for a second," she said, "because I knew that you would be completely freaking out, not going on about how excited you were and what a great opportunity it was..." I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist. Isn't it cool to have someone in the world who knows you like that?

Also, BJ was funny. I called him this morning right after I posted it and let him in on the gag, because I figured that he would get at least one call (I almost had you, Diana!), and I didn't want him to be confused. So I said, "Now you know, in case you get any strange phone calls," and he replied, "Yeah, the strange phone calls from the FBI should be a lot of fun."

Duh, the FBI knows it's April Fools Day.

Did anyone else prank you? My friend Shannyn sent a picture of an ultrasound scan showing 3 babies, and said, "We're having triplets!" A couple of other blogs got me with their fake "news" stories... In fact, the one that reminded me that today is April 1 was here. I was all ready to fire off a nasty comment, including witty and cutting prose about the difference between insure and ensure, but thankfully I caught myself just in the nick of time, and came back to my own blog to plague you all, instead.

Would anyone be interested in a bloggy book club? I've been thinking about starting one, where several main contributors (hello, Brandon) could read books and start conversations about them... However, this is not at all a unique idea, and there are tons of online book clubs (for the discussion of books, I mean, not for swapping books like PBS - look in the right sidebar if you mean that kind). I was thinking that since I'm a mommyblogger, we could focus on parenting books, and books about parenting (fiction and nonfiction, for example, My Sister's Keeper would generate interesting discussion).

Anyone else interested in such a thing?

Ok, in linking, above, I found books.google.com. It seems that you can read entire books online - contemporary books, not Shakespeare and stuff that they made us read in school (I'm still recovering from The House of Seven Gables - UGH. I will see Nathanial Hawthorne in hell), so I have to go check that out now, and if you don't hear from me for a very, very long time, it's because I'm working my way through the complete works of everyone. (Oh, nevermind, they take out random pages to mess with you, so you'll buy the book... Well, if you're not a stickler for knowing every tiny detail...)

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