Friday, April 25, 2008

Name this Blog

So, back when this blog was just for friends and family, "pretty babies" made sense. It was easy to remember, didn't reveal any overly personal information, and was available on

Now? Well, not so much...

First of all, it sounds arrogant (even though they totally are, it's not the kind of thing one should throw around like that). Second, they aren't going to be babies forever much longer (sob!!) so, it won't make sense in about a week. Finally, we're about a lot more than "pretty" here at PB's, and I want my address to reflect that.

I want to move to a new URL (of course I want to take all of you with me). But I don't want to commit to a URL until I have a snazzy new name. What do you think it should be? Bonus points if (suggestion).com is available. Names that are a word or two or three work best. More than three (and only if one of those is "a" or "or" or "and" or "if" or "of" or something else tiny) and it's just too clunky for a blog name.

Leave me your best suggestions in the comments. And if you know me in real life, try not to give away any info that would reveal our super secret identities to the rest of the universe. Because the mommyblogosphere is a scary place. I don't want a bunch of women with milk stains on their shirts and graham cracker crumbs in their hair showing up in my front yard, right? (Not that I know anyone with milk stains on her shirt and crumbs in her hair. Not that I'm sitting here with milk stains and crumbs right now, or anything... Ahem...)


Heather said...

Don't be silly, Amy. You've read other blogs, so I'm sure you know what some of the other names are (screaming monkeys, etc.) I think "Pretty Babies" is just fine.

Anonymous said...

I found you!!! Thanks, Bossy!
I was typing in "beautiful babies", "cute babies" "adorable babies".....anything I could think of except for PRETTY babies! ha ha! So, NOW you're on my blogroll. So nice to meet you! I had so much fun last night! :-)
Have a great weekend!
Oh, and I LIKE pretty babies! I think it's cute.

Rob Monroe said...

Are you looking to change the direction of your blog or just the name? Thta has a lot to do with picking a blog name. I've got one reserved for a project that I want to start. You know, during that "free time" that single, childless people go on and on about! I can be more helpful with more direction. :o)

Rob Monroe said... is taken. I was thinking of the expansion of your "two under two" labels.

Jeana said...

The Babies Formerly Known As Pretty

I don't think it's arrogant, every mom thinks her babies are pretty. How about

Pretty Tired

Pretty Fun

or, after seeing the pics at Bossy's, Pretty Drunk

Shawna said...

Or The Pretties Formerly Known As Babies, since it's the "baby" part they're outgrowing.


Actually I don't see anything wrong with your current title. I never took it that literally to begin with.