Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bringing Valley Back

We went to the park again today (who wouldn't, when it's 73 and gorgeous outside??). Last year, MG was terrified of the swings. Actually, she has always been afraid of the swings at the park, which makes about as much sense as you would expect her to make, considering that she slept in her infant swing, exclusively, until she outgrew it and we had to replace the batteries three times in a night to keep it rocking*.

She wanted to try the Big Kid swings - not the little buckets for the babies, but the actual swings. The kind that can cause you to fly off and eat mulch. Gulp.

I figured she'd stay on it for 0.00042 seconds and then freak out, and I'd have to buy her ice cream and a pony to get her to stop screaming about the Swing Trauma. Nope. She loved it.

"Look, Mommy!" she said, "I'm totally swinging!"

When BJ got home this evening I told him that she had said she was "totally" swinging, and he laughed and suggested that she had picked this up from me. Then he was telling me a story about work, and he said, "...totally..." and I snickered. Then Claire said, "toe-tall."

"Yeah, Mary Grace picked that up from me," I said, grinning. "Claire, can you say 'guys**'?"

* I know there are going to be people who say, "Sweet sneezing Jebus, you let her sleep in her swing!? That causes (choose one) a) dizziness, b) warts, c) SIDS, d) mumps, or e) all of the above, but you know what? She lived, she's fine, and that was the only way I got sleep for the first 8 months of her life, so chill.

** "Guys." The original BJism, that he didn't even know he used all the time until MG started using it to refer to her stuffed animals.

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