Friday, April 25, 2008

What Beer and Free Appetizers do to Amy

Warning, embarrassing pictures here.


An anonymous friend of mine is having trouble with her 12 year old, and is worried that when she sends her out of state to spend time with her dad this summer, one of the neighborhood boys in the Big City will have impregnated her daughter. Apparently daughter's dad isn't real down with the whole supervising thing.

So, we were talking about the situation, and she said that they were thinking of putting her on Depo Provera but telling her it was something else.

I chimed in, "I was just reading that kids don't learn anything from being told no. You have to catch them doing what you want them to do, and tell them 'yes' to teach them. So maybe every day after school you need to say, 'Hey, kiddo! Way to not come home pregnant!!'"

I'm here to help.


Anonymous said...

nobody ever learned from being lied to. Kids learn by being loved, talked to and payed attention to. Maybe this is supposed to be funny, a joke, but I guess I missed it. I see kids coming home pregnant cause parents don't take time for them. Fathers are just as responsable as mothers. Don't have kids if you don't want to listen guide and love them

Amy said...

Oh for crying out loud... The part about "good job not coming home pregnant," that's the joke. That's how I'm here to help. That kind of discipline works on kids the age of mine (2 and 1) but is not so hot when it comes to teenagers. It's funny. Kind of like asking for ketchup at Ruth Chris. I mean, it's fine at McDonald's, but RC is a different league, you know? Parenting one way with toddlers, good, same way with teens, not so much.

The part about the Depo, well, that is between my friend and her kid. I'm not even going there.

The SPECIFIC father in the situation in question is not a responsible father. I am not making blanket statements about all fathers everywhere... Just this one. My kids, for example, have a freaking awesome father, who is more responsible than their mediocre mother. Some of my best friends are fathers.

As far as your "don't have kids" line, well, that's so assholic, I don't even think it bears addressing, except to say that it's pretty arrogant to judge a mother's willingness and ability to parent her child based on a single conversation that someone else wrote about having with her on a blog... Especially when said blogger (me) was just trying to be funny.

Sheesh. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous poster trying to tell the world how all knowing he/she is and how stupid they think you are. It is called narcissism. These kind of people need a life. I have a neighbor who can do nothing but find fault, so sure I am the village idiot and she is the village sage. Actually, she is the village gossip, and therefore, a bully. And I will no longer speak to her!