Friday, April 4, 2008

A few words about bike trailers...

Y'all, it's garage sale season. I suggest that you find a used bike trailer, instead of buying one new, if you're in the market for such a thing.

It's totally the kind of thing that people buy, thinking they'll use it all the time, and then they realize that their town looks a lot more like San Francisco than they thought from the seat of a bike, and so it sits in the garage until their kids are in high school, and then they sell it.

We got ours from Dr. Collicott. It is in perfect condition (needs a good hard spray off with the hose, but that's because it was in our shed all winter). Anyway, check around your used baby stuff stores, and the garage sales, and all the rest. While they don't cost the earth (around $100), it's always better to use such things over and over.

Also, if you do buy one, get one with a handle that turns it into a jogging stroller, too.


I was able to put the chain back on my bike, blow up my tires with the air compressor, get the trailer out, assembled, and put on all by my little self! Unfortunately, when BJ heard that he said, "You need to start helping more with the projects around the house." Oops. Anyway, it wasn't at all complicated. If I can do it (without instructions!) you can, too.


I'm not going to say that Claire is feeling better, because if I do, she will promptly hurl all over my feet, but I will say that things are looking up, and I'll wink, and you'll know what I mean. We're still going to stay close to home, rotting our minds on Playhouse Disney, today, just in case. However, things are looking up. *wink*

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