Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WFMW: Save Money on Gas

Gas prices are stupid high, but I've been rocking the discounts at Speedway to save a bunch, and I wanted to share my method with you.

First, you need to join AAA. I know, I know. But it's really reasonable, and you get a lot of benefits. We saved $15 yesterday on the flowers we sent to BJ's grandma for her birthday. I've already paid for my membership with the savings, blah blah, I sound like a commercial.

When you join, you become eligible for one of these. It's a card that you pre-pay, and then you save 4% on gas at Speedway.

Then you need to join the Speedway Rewards program.

You get a 20 points per dollar you spend both when you load your card and when you buy gas. So, you go into the store and you load your AAA card with $50. It only costs you $48. You get a thousand points. You fill up for about 15 cents less per gallon than the posted price. Then after you've accumulated 4,375 points (which is just over two fill-ups for me), you can get a coupon for 25 cents off per gallon. That brings your per-gallon price down by about 40 cents. For a 15 gallon tank, that's a savings of $6.00, and I get it every third time I fill up, or so.

If I were willing to get a Speedway credit card, I could save even more, but we have enough credit cards in our lives at this point.

So, I know it's not a ton of money, but if you fill up once a week you'll save over $100 a year.

Hey, every little bit counts, right?

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Marie said...

I have a Sam's Club membership, and if I fill up at their station with my membership card I get 5 cents off per gallon. Their gas is already the cheapest in town as it is. This morning I paid $3.42 per gallon, the other stations I saw around town were $3.59-$3.65 just for regular.

dieMutti said...

I've looked at many of your WFMW tips and they are great! Thanks for all the info!