Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Day

We've had such a fun day. I slept in with Claire until about 10 am (BJ, the saint, got up with Mary Grace). When we got up, I made breakfast. Then I checked the local paper's website to see what was going on today. I found a free band concert at the University, so we got everyone dressed and dropped BJ off at the lab, and the girls and I went to the concert. Claire fell asleep on the way there and didn't wake up again until I was putting her in the car to leave. Mary Grace liked part of it, but was asleep for about half of what we stayed to see. When she was awake, she was terrific and quiet and extremely well behaved.

When we left we called BJ and he wasn't ready to leave, yet, so we went to a new restaurant for lunch (called Noodles), which Mary Grace pronounced it "the best restaurant in the whole wide world." She kind of likes noodles. The owner was really sweet when I told him what she'd said, too. Again, stellar behavior. I didn't have to tell MG to sit still or remind her to eat or correct her at all while we were there. Claire was a monkey, and climbed on me a bit, but in a very non-annoying way.

After lunch we went to the library and played for a while, until they closed. We went and got BJ, then grabbed a sandwich for him, and went to Coldstone for ice cream. MG had a little bit of a spaz when we were that close to Chuck E. Cheese and we didn't go in, but she got over it really quickly.

The best thing happened at Coldstone. We didn't get anything for Claire, because even their smallest size is about 10 times more ice cream than she can eat. BJ and I just planned to share with her. We got her a spoon of her own. Well, at one point MG took Claire's spoon from her, and we had one of those moments when, thank goodness, we decided to wait and see what happened first before we said, "Don't take things from your sister." Thank goodness we waited. Mary Grace took Claire's spoon and fed a little bite of her ice cream to her. It was so sweet.

She didn't say a word about Chuck E. Cheese on the way out, either.

We were going to come back and ride bikes, but MG is pretty beat, so we decided to watch Finding Nemo instead. I have a feeling we're going to have an early bedtime tonight.

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