Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mary Mary, quite contrary...

Aren't those cute? Wish I could pronounce their name...

This is the bed right between the porch and the walkway. More of everything, plus two "artist blue ageratum." They kind of look like purple pompoms, and I thought they'd add a nice texture. Plus, they'll get 8 - 12 inches tall (assuming I don't kill them), so they'll add a bit of height and maybe, hopefully, cover up some of the ugly concrete.

We used to have a candlestick pine here, but it got overgrown and made it darn near impossible to back out of the driveway safely, especially in a minivan, so we took it out a year (two?) ago, and I tried to plant mums one year, but they all died and didn't come back. So this year it's impatiens and mystery plants (Mom says they're verbena), and some herbs in the pot that I had seeds for. We'll see if they survive.

If they survive, we'll see if I can identify them enough to cook with them!

I think I have one more picture or two to add... But that's the general idea.

So, all this stuff is going to grow and fill in, right? It shouldn't take long, unless it snows. I planted them the distances apart that the little labels recommended, so here's hoping... Otherwise, if it looks like this all summer, I think I'll go back to ignoring my yard.

BJ needs to get out there and mow. That'll go a long way toward improving the yard situation, too. He also got some boxwood stumps out that we've been living with, in stump form, for a couple years now. That's big progress. I think I'm going to do hydrangeas or lilacs there, on the left side of our house, facing the cul-de-sac. We'll see what I can find (and afford!).

Does anyone have opinions on rocks vs. mulch? How about edging options? We found these really cool purpley-blue rocks, that were 20 cents a pound, but it's going to take lots and lots of pounds to fill all that in. Of course, we wouldn't have to do it again for several years. Decisions decisions!
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Fran said...

Tim can't stand the smell of mulch so he would tell you rocks.

I like both. It comes down to how much money, time, and maintenance you want to put in. Rocks will be more expensive, but you don't really have to maintain them/replace them like mulch. Even if Tim liked mulch, it would not work well where we live because the wind blows awful down here and my neighbors would get free mulch.