Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playing with Daddy

Reading books. Sweet. Wholesome. Gentle.

But then, the Legos come out... and......

Mary Grace and her Robot Army have come to take over the world!
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Michelle said...

Mary Grace is so animated!! I love her facial expressions you capture with the camera!

B.J. said...

BTW, MG thinks we need more Legos.

Amy said...

If the parties who play with Legos in this house would pick up after themselves, rather than letting Mommy do it, more Legos might be forthcoming.

I'm just sayin'. :)

(Thanks, Michelle!! I wish I hadn't overexposed it...)

B.J. said...

Having overlooked programing the Lego robots with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, the Lego robot army turned on its creators, making the mess of Legos in the process, and we were lucky to escape unharmed.

Hmmm... perhaps I need to stop watching Stargate in the morning.

(Actually, I think was a pants situation right after finishing the robots and then dinner was ready and the mess was forgotten. Sorry.)

di said...

GREAT article on babies!! It says-it-all, doesn't it?!
A Grandmother from Grandma Land.