Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Life Alphabetically

I'm stealing this idea from Rob.

A - Awesome - I am about the luckiest person I know, and I am grateful every day for all of the wonderful people who make my life so rich.
B - B.J. - Few people are able to find and spend their life with their true soulmate. B.J. is the most fantastic husband and father. I am really fortunate to have found him and talked him into marrying me.
C - Claire - My little puddin'. Her smile is bigger than she is.
D - Department of Defense - Everyone's favorite government agency, that makes it possible for us to pursue BJ's career and live our dream of being self-employed and staying in Indiana.
E - Everyone who Reads this Blog - I am continually amazed at how many people care what's going on in our little life.
F - Family - We've got a lot of it, and they are all crazy and wonderful.
G - Guilt - I am the queen thereof.
H - Home - I love our home, and I do my best every day to fill it with love and laughter.
I - Indiana - My beloved home state.
J - Job - I don't necessarily love my job, but my boss is HOT!
K - Karma - The reason my kids don't sleep.
L - Laughter - It's good for you! Have a dose every day.
M - Mary Grace - My little Cuppycake, who has taught me more since August of 2005 than I've taught her.
N - Nursing - I have been nursing one kid, or both, since August of 2005. That's a little excessive, don't you think?
O - Organic Milk - My God, we spend the earth on organic milk.
P - Polka Dots - When I change the girls' diapers, we blow bubbles on their beauty marks (MG has one on her hip and C has one on her ribs) and say, "Where's your polka dot? Where's your polka dot?"
Q - Questions - Mary Grace often will randomly ask, "Do you have any questions?"
R - Remodel - When will we figure out that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new house??
S - School - I can't believe MG is starting school this fall.
T - Trains - Never really cared about them until I had kids. What is it with kids and trains?
U - Umbrella - I never have one when I need it.
V - V-8 - I coulda had a...
W - WFMW - Works for me Wednesday. My favorite Bloggy Activity.
X - XX - The chromosomes of 71.428% of the household residents at Chez Prettybaby.
Y - Yawn - I do a little too much yawning these days.
Z - Zoo - The next place I'm taking the kids on an outing.

Want to play? Copy and paste the list onto your blog, or e-mail your answers to me.

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Rob Monroe said...

Awesome indeed! I get to make my first zoo trip on the 10th with a group of parents. I've been looking forward to it for months and months!