Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Google Finance - Recipe For Depression

So, you know I'm a Google addict, right? I have Gmail, Google Reader, 11 Google Calendars (I am running out of colors!) , I use Google Documents, my photos are in Picasa which is a Google partner or something, I recently got all excited about Google Books.... Anyway, I discovered Google Finance recently, and so, with the help of Grandpa Bob, I put in all of our Roth IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs and the kids' 529 college accounts....

And now every day I check to see "how we're doing" and we've lost like $300 since I put them in on Thursday night. Friday was a really bad day. We only lost $15 yesterday, and that was a good day.

How depressing is that?? It's not like we had a whole heck of a lot to begin with, but come on!

BJ takes the long view - he says it'll be at least 16 years before we have to pull anything out, and the market will go up and down and up and down and (hopefully) up again before then. I'm sure that's true. However, I'm starting to wish that we'd put the 529s in Euros or something.

It just proves my theory, that the stock market is a way for very wealthy people to separate the rest of us from our money. Much more of this and the kids are going to have to go to DeVry instead of DePauw, or Lincoln Tech instead of Lincoln University.

How's the economy affecting you?


Mimi said...

The economy sucks! I've lost a LOT of money. Just don't look at it, don't pay attention to it because if you do you will lie awake at night thinking about what you've lost and what will happen if you get to zero!

Anonymous said...

you've only "lost" if you sell. Otherwise, you haven't really lost anything. The market just fluctuates.

Connie said...

Now cut that out. The economy is dandy. Keep doing what you are doing,.... clipping coupons, DO NOT WATCH THE MARKET, and be honest about your household budget. And another thing... you should be getting a HUGE tax refund with two kids and a mortgage. Wassup with that? More needs to be taken out during the year. I've never paid taxes in my life (on April 15) and never will because you have to be smarter than the tax man. Exactly what Susan said... you and Megan need to quit watching the market daily. MAYBE watch it annually, but then I think that's like telling a pig not to rub his back in poop.... a little tough. You are driving yourself nuts over something you cannot control and over what, as history proves, is the best place for your money bar none! How's that kitchen coming?
xoxoxo, Connie