Thursday, April 3, 2008


The trouble with having a sick one year old kid (she puked once last night and once this morning) is that you can't tell when they feel better. You start your day, thinking everything's cool, and then she hurls and you feel totally guilty for expecting her to act normal and play and eat raisins when she's sick. Then she feels better, and you feel guilty that you don't realize it until she's eaten half a bowl of dog food out of starvation (and kept it down). We haven't gotten to that part yet, thankfully.

Is she crying because she's sick or because she's hungry? Who knows?

I turned on a movie for MG. I'm totally phoning it in today. I have brought the laundry down, but haven't sorted or started it. I cleaned up the kitchen and fed the kids - leftovers for MG, toast for C - but haven't managed to eat anything, myself, except a cup of coffee. The house is a disaster. Send chocolate!

Nah, we'll be ok. It just makes me grateful that my kids get a cold or a stomach bug here and there, and don't have anything serious and longterm. We're very lucky.

I'm going to go sneak a PB&J while no one's looking - wish me luck.

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