Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Wackiness

MG's ear re-check went very well. Her ears are clear, in spite of the fact that she has had a low fever the last couple nights, and a runny nose. He said, "She's probably just got one last virus before the end of the season."

Mary Grace, aged 32 months, shook her head and said, with a sigh, "That's the story at our house."

I had a migraine this evening (ironic, because I was just telling Purity yesterday how much I love the Mirena, and how I don't get migraines anymore), and BJ had to work late. Thank heaven for Grandpa Bob, who took the girls so I could go to bed. He brought the girls up at 9 pm (and I was feeling much better by then) for bed.

I got Claire to sleep, and I was working at getting MG to sleep when I heard the noise that all mommies know and dread.

Claire puked.

(I'm resisting the urge to hit the caps lock) Wasn't I just saying that we should do well visits at home?! ARGH!

***banging head against table***

Let's recap:

Amy says: "I don't get migraines anymore!" and gets a migraine within 24 hours.
Amy says: "I hate it when my kids get sick from going to the doctor's office!" and my kid gets sick from going to the doctor's office.

Universe: 2, Amy: 0

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